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what is the best place to live and work around sacramento area in california?

by tom44 on November 11, 2012

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Question by SONNY D: what is the best place to live and work around sacramento area in california?
i am planning to relocate in sacramento, ca.. Which area is best to work as a nurse and buy a house and raise my 2 kids?

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Answer by Mr. Knowitall
Sacramento is a very nice town. Cute little neighborhoods, good restaurants, etc. But it’s just too HOT in the Summer for my tastes.

I think if I lived near there I would look to the east. Not far outside Sacramento the road starts climbing into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mtns., California’s famous ‘Gold Country’. Auburn is only about 35 miles away. Placerville is maybe 45 or 50 miles. Those towns are in the mountains, much cooler, not to mention prettier. Lots of history and ‘local color’.

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8 thoughts on “what is the best place to live and work around sacramento area in california?

  1. Brian K says:

    Midtown is a great place to live. Lots of trees, bars, restaurants and parks. Just don’t move to close to the freeway.

    Many people work for the state. CalPers is rumored to be a great department to work for. They have a nice new building with a good cafeteria.

  2. steven v says:

    You shouldnt have a problem finding a nursing job, from what I understand there is a shortage. As far as living in the area stay out of the south area and Elk Grove which is just south of south Sacramento and the crime is bleeding into the area. Also Natomas is getting a bit ghetto these days. I like Citrus Heights quite a bit, Carmichael is pretty good, Roseville and into Rocklin if you can afford it. Just be aware traffic is getting worse these days. Research the schools around the areas also.

  3. George Y says:

    Land Park, East Sacramento, and Pocket Areas are great. Wonderful schools and great friendly neighborhoods. The prices of homes are down currently and they’re much less expensive than in the SF Bay Area. The different suburbs also have good qualities, but I’d avoid Rocklin, Roseville, and Folsom unless you enjoy traffic during commutes.

    Where are you living now and what are you looking for in a neighborhood? Sacramento has a vast variety of communities within the community. Yes, it gets hot in the summer, but you’ll never shovel snow in the winter!

  4. pavan_says_ello says:

    elk grove is a growing communtiy. now they have new shopping centers, and methodist hospital may have a job for you. commute is not that bad either is you wnat to live in elk grove and work in downtown. all you need to do is carpool with your kids, and have them go to school in downtown. thats what i have been doing for quite a while now. education is excellent, and sutter middle school is the best school in town. california distinguished school. housing in downtown is quite expensive. if anything go for west sac, natomas, or elk grove. plenty of homes. there are also many hospitals in downtown.

    so, my suggestion: MOVE HERE!!! its great! theres a river for excellent weekend getaways right in downtown, housing can be around 300,000 for brand new homes, your kids will be safe day and night at school and home and have a great education, and im sure there are plenty of job oppurtunites. currently my brother is working as an intern for a doctor so its pretty easy to get a job.

    you should definitely consider moving here, and i wish you the best of luck. i look forward to having you in my home town!!!!!!!

  5. Mom of 3 says:

    Citrus Heights or Roseville.

  6. loverofcats1 says:

    Go to Auburn or Grass Valley its a great place to raise a family. My uncle lives there and its really fun to go up to is place and you can always go to the river and he has some acreage so its really fun. Auburn is right next to the freeway so you can get right on and head to Sacramento it only will take around 30-45mins to get there and back

  7. Rainstar says:

    roseville!!!or rocklin. definitely. it is a nice neighborhood for families. and it is very safe. the area is newer than a lot of other cities in sac.

  8. David V says:

    While there are hospitals in Midtown Sacramento, and living in Midtown is fun for young adults, it is not a good environment to raise children in – lots of homelessness, drinking, and rude people.

    I would suggest Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, or Auburn. Rocklin and Roseville are very consumer-friendly and upscale towns with two major hospitals nearby. Loomis and Auburn are more rural, but both near hospitals – they are also less hot than Rocklin and Roseville in the summer.

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