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What is the best place for a motorcycle mechanic to live?

by tom44 on November 29, 2013

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Question by melissa rymer: What is the best place for a motorcycle mechanic to live?
My husband and I currently live in Las Vegas and are trying to move out of state, but were wondering where the best place would be for us to move with his job?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeff M
arozona or nm.its warm and we ride all year long
so more bikes to repair

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7 thoughts on “What is the best place for a motorcycle mechanic to live?

  1. SID says:

    Florida ! you have about a thousand harley dealers , its hot sunny and daytona bike week and biketoberfest , my mechanic makes so much money he takes the summer off !

  2. wiggysan says:


    Where ever there is work.

    If he is really good, then sign up with a racing team, then travel the world!

  3. cycleshopwest says:

    What’s your definition of the best place?

    Harley tech looking for lots of work year round? Florida
    Metric tech looking for lots of work year round? So-Cal
    Looking for higher wages and lower cost of living? Texas
    Looking for higher wages, period? So-Cal
    Looking for great rides on the weekends? Colorado

    If you want to know where the biggest growth is, look at where the biggest dealers are building new stores. Bruce Rossmeyer has opened two places around Memphis. Austin has seen solid growth. Atlanta has a strong metric population.

    Personally, I wish I’d have stayed in Texas rather than hang out with the biker wannabees that show up here in central Florida year after year.

  4. emucompboy says:

    One of the cities surrounding Los Angeles, California. Plenty of motorcycle shops, and since it’s riding weather all year ’round, your husband will be working all year ’round.

  5. Motorpsycho says:

    SoCal is motorcycle nirvana. Tons of metric & american bikes here.

  6. ymmot ton says:

    in his house

  7. 51 says:

    anyplace they sell harleys

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