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What is the best cosmetology school to attend in Nashville Tennessee?

by tom44 on May 27, 2013

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Question by lunarayne71103: What is the best cosmetology school to attend in Nashville Tennessee?
I’m wanting to start cosmetology school. Has anyone attended one in the Nashville Tennessee area? Which one is the best and will get you hired at the best salons? Thanks 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by BSDiva
The best place to find cosmetology schools in the Nashville area is There you can find tons of beauty schools in your area! If you want to see what other students have to say about a cosmetology school check out the Beauty School Lounge. It’s sort of like Facebook for beauty school students. You can communicate with current students at schools you’re interested in and see what they think of the program!

As far as getting hired after you graduate, no school can guarantee you a job at “the best” salons. It really depends on your skill level and client base. The big name salons don’t always hire stylists who are fresh out of school, as they prefer someone with salon experience and a solid customer base. Check with the salons you are interested in and see if they offer an apprenticeship or internship to students or recent graduates. This way, they’ll get to know you and may offer you a job after you graduate!

Good luck!

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