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What is the best collage near san diego that i can become a zoologist?

by tom44 on July 27, 2013

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Question by Jade: What is the best collage near san diego that i can become a zoologist?
I want to work at the San Diego Zoo it has been my life long dream to work there i have great grades i have A’s in science, and math so is that good enough to work there.

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Answer by 1DisneyNut
Grades don’t mean anything when it comes to getting a job, they only care about the degrees you have. Grades are only meant to get you into a good college. The better college you go to the more impressed they will be with your degrees.

I would advise you to go onto They should be able to tell you what school near San Diego offer a Zoologist degree.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best collage near san diego that i can become a zoologist?

  1. drip says:

    You do not need to go school where you want to work after you graduate. You can go to school anywhere in the US and apply for a job anywhere in the US.

    It is very hard to find a job/career in zoology. There is never a big turn over in zoo jobs. so once a person gets a job in a zoo, they keep it. And you will need more than a Bachelor degree.

  2. Smarty Pants says:

    Well here is a list of the best:

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts
    Assumption College, Massachusetts
    Hood College, Maryland
    Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
    Michigan State University
    University of the Sciences in Philadephpia
    Colorado State University
    U of Texas at Arlington
    U of Alabama at Birmingham
    Occidental College, California
    Ohio Wesleyan University
    Ohio University
    Washington State University
    University of Wisconsin Madison
    North Carolina State
    SUNY Coll Environmental Sci and Forestry
    Texas A&M
    U Maryland College Park

    I suggest you check out this website it has a lot of information about these subject.

    Hope this helps

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