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What is the best city to live in around Dallas?

by tom44 on April 16, 2013

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Question by move over turkey: What is the best city to live in around Dallas?
I currently live in west Texas am origanlly from Washington state i have kids and we are getting ready to relocate do to jobs to Dallas but i’ve heard that Dallas itself is not good maybe like around Mckinney is where we have jobs. Any suggestions from people that live here already?

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Answer by MN_OTR
I used to live in Plano and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. McKinney was a nice place with great people. I used to go to the DMV there instead the one in Plano because the people in McKinney were so much nicer. My late brother lived in Allen for many years and he loved it there.

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One thought on “What is the best city to live in around Dallas?

  1. gaillee01 says:

    Hi Rachel, I hope I can help you a bit. I am from this area and haved lived in Texas all of my life. So, I will give you the knowledge I have.

    You are right about Dallas! Do not move there unless, it is in the Lake Highlands area. The schools are great and the homes are kept up very well. Highland Park and University Parks are great but, very costly to buy there! I think you cannot buy a home for less than four or five hundred thousand and that would be a small home!!

    Mckinney, is North of Dallas and if you all have jobs there then you should have no problems finding a home in a good school district. Richardson, Texas, in the far North area, has always had excellent schools and requires the teachers to have a masters degree. to teach! They have all price ranges in homes too!

    Allen, is another town which has been busting with new homes! Good schools and fresh air!

    Fact is, most all this area you are looking into is a good one! Just make sure that you stay away from low lying areas. Some builders are not thinking about the potential home buyers and are building in flood prone areas!!! So, be sure and get that information before you buy!!

    Well, I hope I have helped you. Welcome to the prairie/lake area of Texas!!

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