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What is one of the major shortcomings of using tariffs or quotas to “save American jobs”?

by tom44 on November 29, 2013

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Question by Raphael: What is one of the major shortcomings of using tariffs or quotas to “save American jobs”?
A. Trade barriers protect the development of new technology, but the new technology eliminates jobs B. Import restrictions alter the composition of domestic employment, but they have minimal effect on the amount of domestic employment
C. The volume of trade with other nations is limited to a few industries, so trade restrictions would not increase national employment
D. Major American firms have produced many products in other countries, and would not hire more domestic labor when trade barriers are imposed

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph
C is the best answer .
Health care costs are why there are so few jobs in manufacturing,.an industry our country needed so people who are not college educated can work and pay taxes..Obama is correct about the problem but if insurance companies didn’t raise their premiums they would just go bankrupt.A hospital stay has risen 2000% since the late 70’s .It’s too bad almost everything this president proposes is disagreed with. Some things will never change

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