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What is North Charleston, SC crime like?

by tom44 on March 30, 2014

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Question by Mark M: What is North Charleston, SC crime like?
I am about to move to North Charleston, SC for a job, and some people say it is a quiet place while the FBI statistics make the place look bad. Can I get some input on this? Preferably somebody with experience?

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Answer by old school – spuds to you
high crime and getting worse. i grew up in nyc and i avoided north charleston when i lived in mt pleasant.

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One thought on “What is North Charleston, SC crime like?

  1. Hatterasjack says:

    I don’t know who those ‘some people’ are, but they are leading you down the wrong road. Look at the crime statistics on . I used to live in North Charleston. It was declining then and now it’s really bad. In the last 10 years the crime rate has gone from screaming high down to about twice the national average. Now compare that to near-by Hanahan, Goose Creek or Mount Pleasant. It’s like night and day. Working in North Charleston is one thing, but I’d look at Daniel Island, Goose Creek or Mount Pleasant to live in. You might also want to look at the West Ashley section of Charleston. There are some nice areas over there. You don’t need to live in North Charleston; believe me.

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