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What is Health Insurance, and Why Do You Need It?: Health Care Triage #2

by tom44 on January 3, 2014

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In this episode of Healthcare Triage, Dr. Aaron Carroll gets some surprised questions from “friend of Obama” John Green who is still waiting for his big gove…
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Denzel Washington spoke at the University of Pennsylvania’s 2011 Commencement on May 16, 2011. Before the ceremony, he greeted and congratulated students wit…
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31 thoughts on “What is Health Insurance, and Why Do You Need It?: Health Care Triage #2

  1. Rohan Blake says:
  2. ZombieTex says:

    First, you never really addressed the question: What is insurance?

    Insurance is a policy you buy which pays out in case something bad happens.
    You get sick, they pay for it. In the case of car insurance, you wreck your
    car, the company pays for repairs. It insures that if something goes wrong,
    someone will be liable for paying for damages.

    Why do I make a point of this? Because you can’t wreck your car, and THEN
    buy insurance to cover the accident. If you could, no one would ever buy
    insurance until after they had a wreck … kind of like the explanation in
    part 1 about Obamacare. If the accident already happened, it’s not
    insurance. Insurance is for in case something happens in the future, not
    the past.

    This is why everyone’s costs are going up … because without being able to
    deny accidents that have already happened, it forces the companies to
    charge more to everyone to pay for it. To mitigate this cost increase,
    we’re forcing individuals who don’t even want or need the insurance to buy
    it, or pay a penalty. We’re literally mugging healthy people who don’t want
    anything to do with this so that people who were already sick before they
    bought their policies can afford their premiums. This is wrong.?

  3. TodayinJensLibrary says:

    OK. So now could you address the idea of an HSA? Because I’m hoping that
    will solve the out-of-pocket problem of a deductible.?

  4. IAmAThespian says:

    Great opening graphic!?

  5. Jan Šinkovec says:

    I dont know how my country does it but i get free complete insurance for
    going to uni … ?

  6. Tarathiel123 says:

    I live in Canada and had bronchiolar pneumonia a couple of years ago. I
    dropped about 20 pounds over 3 weeks (from not eating because I wasn’t
    hungry). When I went to the doctors I got three x-rays and a host of
    antibiotics. I didn’t pay for the doctor’s visit, nor the x-rays which were
    two floors below my doc. And insurance mostly covered the drugs through my
    Mom’s work. Universal Healthcare still has private insurance and they work
    incredibly well together in our hybrid system. I don’t get why Americans
    don’t want universal healthcare now…?

  7. gbrading says:

    Goodness, I know we in Britain complain massively about the National Health
    Service being inefficient and badly managed but goodness it’s a darn sight
    better than the United States. I pay my taxes, I get healthcare when I need
    it. Americans pay their taxes but they don’t.?

  8. Magnus Krokstad says:

    How can a visit to a doctor + ultrasound total to $6000, it sounds more
    expensive than it “should”. Also, I’m so glad I’m in a proper socialist
    (someone, please yell “damn communists” in a southerner accent!) country!
    We’ve got a system where you pay a small copay depending on your
    treatment/examination, maxing out at ~US$1400 – all paid with tax-money!?

  9. rowtow13 says:

    I heard if you have a baby in the US and don’t pay your bill, they just
    cram the baby right back up in there.?

  10. George Cataloni says:

    You might want insurance for your grandma because paying out of pocket is
    expensive, but the reason why healthcare is expensive is because people
    don’t shop around for it. If insurance covered less of those “routine
    healthcare” then people would actually give a fuck about price rather than
    only quality.

    People who want health insurance to cover more are the ones who screwed
    grandma, and people who want grandma forcibly included are screwing the

  11. Daniel Bech says:

    This sounds very different to what we have in Australia. then again all I
    know is I flash my shiny medicare card and it’s all free :P?

  12. Grizwald the man says:

    or i could just stay healthy and not get insurance. I don’t need it! Thats
    just one more step to calling it a right.?

  13. Cris Pakieser says:

    So this is why we’re screwed. Nice!?

  14. Johnny Hericks says:

    American hospitals are crowded. People sit in waiting rooms and emergency
    room beds, bleeding into napkins or coughing their lungs out, while they
    wait hours to see a doctor and then get stuck with a bill in the thousands
    even for small stuff like a couple of stitches and a shot of local
    anesthetic. I know it’s just anecdotal, but I’ve been in emergency rooms
    several times in the past few years, and it’s the same every time.?

  15. Another Fancyuser says:

    ‘Murican Healthcare! stay away from me!
    No… seriously… 6k for antibiotics…?

  16. Stefan Wolfram says:

    Wow that is so utterly complicated…?

  17. Philip Mylan says:

    Come and live in Europe! It’s lovely over here!?

  18. Emily Dana says:

    I like johns shirt…?

  19. Saint Nick says:

    It should have really been mentioned early in the video that this kind of
    health insurance is unique to America. While a lot of the terminology is
    similar, people outside of the states can get confused quickly as
    government and private insurance programs and institutions differ widely
    from country to country. ?

  20. couteuxs says:

    sorry to hear about you getting hit by a car, then with 8.5k bill. You
    know that in other countrys we pay national insurance that covers health
    (and pensions) .

    The nhs costs the avages brit on £25k spends £1,094 a year + £7.85 for
    each perscription (some people get that free), might be time to email you
    representatives and demand national insurance.?

  21. Wouter10123 says:

    Bloody hell! I pay €92 per month, and I don’t have to pay anything extra
    (up to a limit)… ?

  22. 0MissElizabeth0 says:

    I have not needed to go to the hospital or see a Dr. since 2007. I have
    never had insurance. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years, not
    paying into something I never need/use.?

  23. Anthony Bustamante says:

    @Jesusisyhwh He didn’t know until after the ultrasound at the ER visit that
    all his son needed was an antibiotic, his son could have been in pain and
    an ER visit is the first step. It could also have happened when the regular
    physician was not accessible as well. ?

  24. xXNeonKittensXx says:

    My dad was telling me how he doesn’t want to pay for someone elses maternal
    care (specific example, basically he just didn’t want to pay for someone
    else healthcare)
    I kept trying to tell him he already was and he wouldn’t believe me.?

  25. J dftba says:

    My mom is a nurse and she says that Obama care will not actually pay most
    of doctor visits. They have arranged to pay only about 15% of all costs and
    the hospital has to figure out the rest. And if they aren’t getting paid,
    well, that means a lot of people need to be fired and tons of costs need to
    be cut because there isn’t any money. Can you explain how this happens and
    why? Thank you!

  26. potpie921 says:


  27. Noor Ahmed says:


  28. GreenmeGo says:


  29. jorgipogi says:

    Better start paying those loans lol

  30. dakargirl1 says:


  31. Brian Estremos says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates of Univ. of Pennsylvania!

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