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What is cost of living in Las Vegas? & Are teaching jobs easy to find there?

by tom44 on September 4, 2012

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Question by keisha294: What is cost of living in Las Vegas? & Are teaching jobs easy to find there?
I am a teacher and hear that it is possible to find a teaching job in Las Vegas, so I am thinking of moving there if I can find a job. I would love an idea of what rent, gas, utilities and food cost there. I pay 800 all utilities included for a 2 bedroom townhouse now and that is expensive for where i live in michigan. I hear some good things and many bad about living in Las Vegas, what is it really like from a local point of view?

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Answer by Michael M
clark county school district for board of education
they have a shortage of teachers here.
used to have a one bedroom apt and was $ 845.
two would be in the $ 1100s and rent has not gone down here.
you can get a house and taxes are less. quality of life is better here
I am ex east coast person.
on the 2 bedroom town house your ac will be high june-spet. heat, or electric will be under $ 40
but all costs are better here and you can get a job very quickly in the schools
try to stay in Henderson better area to live and work

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2 thoughts on “What is cost of living in Las Vegas? & Are teaching jobs easy to find there?

  1. yukitupboy says:

    it is expensive as your curent situation there might be more money there for you.

  2. tonibaloney says:

    I moved here to be a teacher and quit! i discovered that i really hate kids!

    i imagine the teaching experience itself will be different for each and depend very heavily on the school at which you are placed.
    depending on your subject you will be swept up instantly (math, science, special ed to name a few). check to see if NV and your home state have a reciprocity agreement with regard to licenses. check the clark county school district website for changes, updates etc.

    regarding housing, you can kiss $ 800 + utilities goodbye. housing is much more expensive here. a decent apartment will run a minimum of $ 950 with nothing included. electric & gas are expensive but i think the whole country is in the same boat on that. here you wont have a high heating bill but substitute that for air conditioning (your first two summers will be murder then you’ll be better). food is expensive unless you are willing to shop the ethnic markets (i love them). nothing grows here so there are no farmers markets like you’d be accostumed to. entertainment is an arm & a leg. concerts are $ 80 regularily, i wasnt used to that at all. its a driving city, you MUST have a car and walking most places is impractical.
    check the cost of flights home, which i imagine will be about $ 300 r/t if you are lucky.
    it takes a long time for a transplant to feel at home in Vegas so be prepared for that.

    good side: is easy trips to Utah, California, Arizona. initially i hated the bareness of the SW but now i appreciate its beauty.

    good luck

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