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What is Chicago and Boston doing that the economy is so good that the Mayors can tell Chick-Fil-A to go pound?

by tom44 on March 12, 2013

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Question by Kentucky Woman: What is Chicago and Boston doing that the economy is so good that the Mayors can tell Chick-Fil-A to go pound?
Sand that they don’t need the jobs there? WOW we need to follow their economic plan for the country if they are turning away companies.

Best answer:

Answer by Forget War Buy More
$ 7 an hour fast food jobs came come from the thousand of other fast food joints.

Hell in Boston they can just build another Dunkin Donuts.

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17 thoughts on “What is Chicago and Boston doing that the economy is so good that the Mayors can tell Chick-Fil-A to go pound?

  1. Shovel Ready says:

    Harassing a company in this manner is illegal, but, hey, we have established different standards of conduct for Democrats.

  2. The Contentious Otter says:

    I’m glad you brought this story up because it motivated me to look at the details.

    I’ve never eaten at a Chick-Fil-A but now that I know they’re Bible Thumpers I’ll never go there again.

  3. Tommy says:

    Support Chic-Fil-A….eat at the closest one on Wednesday, August 1st

  4. PoBoy says:

    The number of chicken sandwiches sold in Chicago and Boston will not increase significantly by adding a few Chick-fil-A’s. But the hate that their presence will encourage is not welcome.

    Chick lost a loyal customer when their idiot CEO spouted off. I, my wife, nor my 3 kids, will go there. If one of us is not free, none of us are free.

  5. Jack says:

    If I were Chicfila I wouldn’t want my business in those crap holes anyways. Chicfila will be just fine without them while the residents of those cities will continue to live under liberal authority like sheep.

  6. gyt says:

    There are no longer mayors in Boston and Chicago. There are dictators.

    They will now tell you what you can eat in their city and what businesses can come into their city. Did you really think you should be allowed to think for yourself?

  7. bigvossman says:

    Sounds sort of like Chicago giving advise on how to contain murders doesn’t it

  8. aeriol7 says:

    Chicago has the luxury of having an enormous of ethnic and good restaurants as well as whole food and vegetarian types so people can do what they want because they don’t need fast food places unless the choose, the Mayor knows this. Boston is a fresh fish capital type place with good restaurants too and also can tel that place to go pound. The other reason is both Chicago and Boston don’t alienate gays and lesbians but welcome them.

  9. Bill says:

    Ya like a Chik-Fil-A is going to save the local economy.

  10. It's about FREEDOM, stupid! says:

    We do not have the right to an opinion unless we agree with 0bama.

  11. Me Ne Frego says:

    A guy stated an opinion and has had it distorted and twisted and has been vilified.

    My hatred of the mob mentality lands me in his corner whether I agree or not.

    Tough to side with a mass of teaming maggots.

    I will eat Chic-Fill-A as often as possible.

  12. expertgal says:

    All cities should be open to any legitimate business that wants to
    be open there. Dictating mayors or governors should be thrown
    out of office. This is exactly how a nation can go down the tube.
    We throw all the decent God-loving people and businesses out
    the door; yet massagers, ladys of the night, liquor stores, and
    tattoo places are welcomed. Who ranks Chicago, Gary, and
    Boston as top cities in the nation? Decent people are leaving
    in droves.

  13. justagrandma says:

    WOW you mean you can’t display a dislike for institutionalized bigotry if you’re poor?

    The hiring of a couple of more minimum wage workers is exactly what this country doesn’t need.
    And pretending you can sell your values for it is why we are losing credibility in the eyes of so many Americans.

  14. Ped0phile Pastors Aren't Cool says:

    Chicago is the Fourth Richest city in the world.

    Boston is the 12th Richest city in the world and its unemployment rate is 5.7%. (2.5 points below the national average)

    We do need to follow their economic plans. OH WAIT you’re going to whine and say they are SOCIALIST, aren’t you?

    And why would anyone other than bible thumping tourists go to a Chick-fil-A downtown anyways? You mean I should ignore $ 9 lobster or a $ 5 shwarma to get fried chicken sandwich? And why would anybody want a storefront that’s closed on its biggest shopping day of the week?

  15. Glen says:

    Since you have to be “pro gay” to be welcome in Boston, I wonder if Obama was welcome there prior to his “evolution”, eerrr, mutation on gay marriage.

  16. Don't Fear The Reaper says:

    Because for them the principles of their ideology means just as much as Chick-Fil-A’s

    So, you can not fault a scorpion for being a scorpion. Same with leftists. Same with Chick Fil A. The only thing is? If, this had been Popeye’s? Could a case of racism be made? Since the Government is empowered and acting upon it’s bigotry?

    Because this IS government acting to enforce/enable the bigotry of it’s stewards.

  17. jim s says:

    Chick-Fil-A isn’t “Union”, where entry level jobs start at $ 50 an hour, A-Z free medical benefits, 2 months paid vacation a year, and guaranteed overtime for pounding yer pud in the restroom.
    (also they’re not open on Sundays … for double-time)
    The originator believes Sundays are for Church, and the only reason unions were able to wrangle double-time for Sunday in the first place.
    Reverse discrimination, religious intolerance & blatant prejudice? Indeed.

    More selective (Fascist) hypocrisy from the confused and utterly spastic … left.

    With them, you’re not free … you’re only free to agree.

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