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What is a good career to help pay for Med School?

by tom44 on August 4, 2013

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Question by Cassie Nicole: What is a good career to help pay for Med School?
I will be attending medical school in LA or Miami and I know a lot of people that have had careers in hospitals to help them pay for the cost of med school. I thinking of the following careers:



Pharmacy Tech


Note: I have a 4.0 and Public Health Degree

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Answer by daniellenicole
It really depends on what your passion is. The careers you have chosen vary greatly pertaining to schooling and income. What are you going to medical school for? I imagine to be a doctor? In a lot of ways the careers you have listed correlate with each other, because they are all nursing in some way or another. I am a CNA and did that in 6 weeks, it cost me $ 1000.00 and the state board test in AZ cost me $ 85.00. I needed my CNA certification in order to to apply to LPN school (that is a requirement at the school I am applied for). I am attending LPN school in the Fall. The path I have chosen works like this: I recieved my CNA to go to LPN school, after my LPN is done in 12 months I go to my community college and am automatically in “block c” of the associates program for my RN. After that I will be transferring to ASU and most likely sitting on a wait list. After completing my BSN and/or masters my final step for my career is applying to be a CRNA (I have to have acute care for 2 yrs just to apply).

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One thought on “What is a good career to help pay for Med School?

  1. may m says:

    If you have a 4.0 GPA, you might want to consider teaching or tutoring. Tutors for math and science charge $ 40 per hour and up. Advertise your tutoring services by working as a substitute teacher. Substitute teaching has very flexible hours (perfect for a busy med student). Tutoring also has very flexible hours.

    If you would like a steady job and don’t like promoting yourself, then try pharmacy tech as it doesn’t require a degree like nursing would. Many states have no requirements to be a pharmacy tech. Some states require that you pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam. For more information on being a pharmacy tech, I invite you go to the following pharmacy tech forum and information website:

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