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What is a easy job to get that can give you full time quick?

by tom44 on November 14, 2012

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Question by Chicago: What is a easy job to get that can give you full time quick?
I been searching for hotel House keeping jobs. They (hotels) seem perfect because its simple hard work, and people always quit hard sh*t. I just need smart people to answer this please.

Best answer:

Answer by George M?Casland
In this economy, you need to be thinking outside the box when it comes to jobs. Adults as old as their 70s, who lost their retirement savings because of the financial scandals, are now working jobs previously done by teens, as are younger adults trying to support families

In trying to find a job, you have to look beyond working in a store, a burger joint, some other area that does not require experience and/or expertise.

One needs to think about what tasks that need to be done, but people hate doing, and are willing to pay someone else to do.

One needs to think about starting their own business to set your own hours, without the problems of needing for a work permit, being too young, and not having the needed experience.

This article talks about one such area in which a Denver (CO) woman quit her upper management job to do, earning her over $ 75,000 a year, working outside, setting her own hours, and can be done using a bicycle as transportation. It is also something a child or teen can be doing with an unemployed parent.

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