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What inventions do you expect your grandchildren to see?

by tom44 on August 7, 2013

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Question by Question Mark: What inventions do you expect your grandchildren to see?
So, when your grandchildren are your age, what sort of scientific discoveries and technologies might you think your grandchildren might see?

Best answer:

Answer by mrgj
i think that alot of basic medical testing will be done on your smart phone
cholesterol check
blood pressure
even pace makers can be checked on phones
there will no doubt be another means of fuel for vehicles
the computer will be the mode of entertainment not tv,cable etc. one in the same via satlelight

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8 thoughts on “What inventions do you expect your grandchildren to see?

  1. ???Y?? ?? ??????? says:

    Flying Cars like on the Jetsons

  2. Mary says:

    I think gene therapy is the next big change on the horizon. Diseases will be prevented while babies are still in the womb. The entire human genome will be understood. People will know far ahead of time what illnesses they are likely to get, and may be able to prevent a lot of them. Hopefully, a cure for cancer is something we’ll have by then.

  3. CO the Old Dog says:

    All of my grandchildren are adults now so they use most of the tech gadgets that are available or know more about them than I do.

    I would hope that an affordable automatic car or vehicle and an affordable personal robot would be available before my time is up. Improved cost efficient systems to covert sea water to drinkable water efficiently. Improved car wax that will last even longer. Affordable Super efficient solar panels that would allow all home owners to get off the electric grid. Improved home refrigeration systems that do not need the traditional coil system. Home insulation that will allow for maximum benefit both in winter and in summer.

    The elimination of cash and utilization of hand print & eye scan tech to safe guard theft.

    New hand weapon technology that uses laser instead of bullets with coded to the individual technology so no one else can use it. Something like the smart key technology for cars but much advanced.

    The self cleaning kitchen.

  4. Bert Weidemeier says:

    a) the ability to turn human and animal waste into fuel for automobiles
    b) the ability to turn sea water and rainwater into drinking water (water shortages, major shortages, are 10-15 years away)
    c) the ability to turn garbage into digestible food, food shortages are 15 years away
    d) more finger print and eye recognition to take the place of keys and security badges
    e) more LED lighting and longer battery charges

  5. Shari says:

    I think there will be improvements to things already in existance We already have a rain
    shower head now, and I’m sure all showers will come with several shower heads along the
    walls and maybe two locations where the main shower head is. I believe that people will have
    a choice of sleeping on a bed, or sleeping in a recliner that lays down and yet supports the
    low back area where people have back pain. I believe cars will have more options for comfort,
    and better gas function. I believe that kitchen stoves will add a barbeque function And that
    hand held music players will be a micro chip rather than a disc. So they will be phone sized
    and easy to carry in a pocket. There will be improvements in the classroom. And hand held
    electronics will be the way of the future. Essays will be typed out and put on a printer at each
    desk to turn in to the teacher. These are ideas that can be easily designed to exist.

  6. Honest says:

    1. Electric paint. Concept R&D is the US Army. Allows color change of paint.
    2. Rail Guns. Concept R&D is the US Navy. Over the horizon gunnery.

  7. Josh says:

    Bionic contact lenses, which is being worked on in Seattle, is a big one. Will be accessible for many purposes: medical, video gaming, using for computerized purposes.

    Worldwide Internet Connectivity for free…kind of like Wi-Fi but high speed connectivity everywhere on the planet…even the Saharan desert.

    Another form of energy directed to end-users at home/work…alternative to electricity…when Hurricane Sandy hit, people lost power for weeks…we need an alternative source of energy that is more complex than connectivity in the ground or power lines. Advanced wireless energy is a possibility or something totally different.

    Advanced car technology…less dependency on oil/gas, but which direction we take will depend a lot on government policies.

    Robotic surgeries more commonplace and accurate.

    A new form of distant transportation. Although modern airplane flight is not too bad, it is still considered slow and could even be safer than today. Technology is being tested and developed that could bring us from one side of the globe to the other in under one hour. No more 16 hour flights to some exotic location.

    I personally would like to see a third possible market where people can put in their money to transfer wealth, build wealth, borrow, etc. Something combining the elements of stock/bond markets and casinos or something totally different. A new area that people can put money into and take out at any time. This would create many jobs if done well and efficiently.

    Unfortunately, the major military players can start sending robotic warriors to disputed areas. Although we have drones, these would be machines that would take a battlefield on the ground and possibly act independently or be controlled by an operator back home.

    Cell phones will continue to develop and big things are possible in the future either

    More advanced technology that can alter weather (since some countries already have basic tools) with great efficiency.

    Advanced medical procedures/ stem cell use, etc. to greatly prolong life and eliminate disease, etc…our grandkids might be able to consistently live to 110…maybe longer.

    Better underground performance enhancers in all aspects of life, where athletes will shatter previous sports records by far. Bolt’s record will be shattered by far during the time of my grandkids…50-60 years from now.

    My grandkids’ main “computational device” since it might not be a laptop, cell phone, PC, etc. that contains the advanced form of the Internet will be as powerful as all of the power in the biggest data centers (servers) in the biggest multinational companies today. Meaning all of the computational power that AAPL has in its data centers will be available on a small device that my grandchild owns. That’s how technology works and advances. Making huge leaps.

    Many, many great things to come…

  8. Halia says:

    I encourage them to be the inventor!

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