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What does it take to become a Police Officer?

by tom44 on September 23, 2013

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Question by Samantha Bush: What does it take to become a Police Officer?
What does it take to become a Police Officer? (Actually, I want to become a Homicide Detective, but assume I need to be a patrol officer first.) I keep asking almost every officer I encounter, but I usually am blown off. It’s becoming discouraging, but I figured I’d give asking on here a shot first. I’m in the Houston, Pearland, Friendswood, Webster area and am looking to join the force here. I know I need a certain number of college hours, but beyond that I’m lost. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Kite flyer
Check with your local colleges/university that have a Criminal Justice Program and find out what there requirements are. Then after graduation you will most likely have to go through a Police Academy

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3 thoughts on “What does it take to become a Police Officer?

  1. Jim says:

    Ask a local cop, they will be glad to talk to you

  2. Mr. Goodhi says:

    A Love for Donuts.

  3. Rebel says:

    I don’t know how much I can help you, but in the LAPD, officers take their time explaning to you what you need. Last time an officer even sat down with me in a bus stop.

    Well in the LAPD, you need a HS Diploma or a GED, and a clean criminal record.They SERIOUSLY recommend you to study Criminal Justice.

    Be in shape since you are going to enter Police Academy.

    LAPD will question your integrity. They make us write an essay about your judgment, decisions, and behavior.

    Physical Ability Exam. Once again, be in shape.

    Background Investigation of you.

    Polygraph Exam….DO NOT lie!

    LAPD Interview…personal accomplishment, job motivation, continuous learning orientation, instrumentality, interpersonal skills, and oral communication skills.

    Medical Evaluation and Psychological Evaluation.

    Certification and Appointment of your Police Academy Class.

    This is LAPD, but I think all Police Departments have similarities.

    I don’t think Houston Police Department is hiring right now, but don’t count on me, im not sure!

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