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What do you guys think about getting an online degree?

by tom44 on August 18, 2013

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Question by April: What do you guys think about getting an online degree?
Which is the best place to get an online Bachelors degree? I have no choice but to go online because I have no car to get me to my classes. I have this in my heart and it is really what i want to do.

I went to Everest for medical assisting and I want to get another degree in another health field. Can I just apply to any college as a freshman or transfer or do i need to have my transcript from Everest??

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Johnson
– Well, first of all, NO medical degree can be 100% online. All medical degrees require on-hand training.
– Second of all, most employers won’t consider an applicant with an online degree as strong as someone who has a campus degree.

You can still go to college without a car. Most campuses, even small ones, have free transportation to an from classes. Also, you can walk, get a bike, or get a moped.

If you have your transcript from Everest, that would probably increase your chances of getting into an additional school.

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2 thoughts on “What do you guys think about getting an online degree?

  1. The JDE Project says:

    You need to do some heavy research with online programs. Not all online programs are good programs or the school may not have a good representation. The online school may not even be accredited regional for you to even transfer classes. National accredited schools can’t transfer to my understanding. Then you will also need to look at the degree requirements when is the schedule of classes and decide on if they are worth paying for. Easy classes are not worth paying for. Make sure you definitely do research on their history, reviews about the school, or its reputation. A lot of online programs have issues and bad reviews about financial aid cheating them and lying to them often. A lot of online programs are for profit schools too. So just make sure you do some GOOD and THOROUGH research. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. =)

  2. George says:

    First, online courses and online programs are not given much weight whether one applies for a job or whether one applies to a traditional college for admission. The courses taken online will be challenged because one had no instructor who taught in an online college, There were no classes that one went to that mixed one with other students to hear added or contradictory points of view regarding the content and quality of the information one received from the online program. The online college that one the completed online courses may not have been accredited by a regionally approved body or recognized by a nationally recognized accrediting association located in Washington, DC.

    Second, one may discover that ones online instructor may be a high school graduate with little or no background in the area of the online course beyond the ability to respond to one by using the computer.

    Third, when one has completed the online program, one may find that transcripts and diplomas which validate ones online course work or the completion of a diploma or certificate will be hard to come by either because the online college does not have an efficient record keeping system or because delaying transcripts, or diplomas, or certificates of completion will keep one from accumulating evidence of fraud in promising a college degree or getting a reasonable job.

    Fourth, when trying to apply for a job, one will find that a high school or a community college graduate, or a college student with some community college credit may be chosen for the job over one with courses or a degree from an online college.

    By the way, I have seen on the internet that a certificate from a on-line college may cost up to $ 10,000. Until you are sixteen or older, I think ones best bet is to get a creditable college degree would be to go to work part-time. Tutoring an elementary school child can be very lucrative. Save ones money until until one can get a reasonably priced car from a trustworthy relative or friend. Then go to the community college directly and skip the on line college work. It would be worth it in both the short-run and the long-run to get transportation when you are qualified for driving to college. The choice is yours. Good luck.

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