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what do i do my dog is pooping brownish redish diaria?Im scared help any home remedys?

by tom44 on January 8, 2014

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Question by Erica: what do i do my dog is pooping brownish redish diaria?Im scared help any home remedys?
My dog is about 7 or 8 months old he is a chihuahua mixed with Boston Terrier he doesnt eat dog food so i feed him whatever i feel decent he started snorting lastnight like he had a cold but his nose is wet…..and he has diaria scared because i lost my job and i dont have any money to go to the vet plz help me help my dog im scared to death.

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah Says
no home remedies. he needs to go to the vet.

I’m sorry, I didn’t finish reading…. I saw diarrea and that means vet. But why don’t you feed him dog food? Do you feed him people food? This would be VERY bad for him. Most of our foods are too salty. Give him dog food. You’re spoiling him. If after 2 days, he doesn’t eat his food, take him to the vet. He should realize that you will not be feeding him people food anymore and just eat what he’s been giving.

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16 thoughts on “what do i do my dog is pooping brownish redish diaria?Im scared help any home remedys?

  1. The Nag says:

    He needs to be on dog food. In the mean time, give him some Pepto Bismol. That will help him.

  2. encouraging_angels says:

    NEVER give him human medication it can&will kill a dog without a vet permission. It could be serious so a VET trip ASAP

  3. J says:

    Brownish red is a problem. If he is acting normal otherwise, you may be ok. If he looks like he is in pain or just uncomfortable, he really needs medical attention. Banana baby food can help with his diarrhea. You might try giving him oat meal with mixed with the baby food. But, ultimately he needs to be on a good diet.

  4. john n says:

    there is something that has upset his bowels. you can give him about 1/2 tsp of pepto bismal and start giving him a good dry food like lamb and rice diet. you can get a small bag at walmart.he might have a cold starting also you can give him 1/2 of a baby asperin but if it continues you should try to get him in to see a vet.they are very delicate dogs and it could turn out worse .if possible explain your money shortage and the vet should work with you, if not see another so you can make payments and get your baby treated. good luck.

  5. Laura ? says:

    You cancel your cable and internet. You offer to do odd jobs for your neighbors. You sell stuff (like your computer)

    You take her to the vet, that’s what you do. Afterwards, you go to a good pet store and you buy him a bag of good dog food.

  6. hotneneloco says:

    Give him dog food, not Skittles or M&M’S………………..

  7. JoV says:


  8. jellybean says:

    Look online for a low cost vet clinic in your area. Do some research on the clinic though. Some low cost clinics aren’t good at dealing with “emergencies.” Some of those clinics should really only do vaccinations, etc. Hopefully there’s someone who can help you out and not cost you an arm and a leg.

    If not, pull out the credit card. You’ll feel better about taking care of your dog even though you don’t have much money.

    Also, diarrhea dehydrates the dog so it might be a good idea to get some Pedialyte (for babies) to keep him hydrated. This is not a solution though. I still recommend seeing a vet.

  9. Anne says:

    Umm You had better rush to the Vet as this sounds like Parvo to me and it almost sounds like it is in the late stages
    Call your Vet first to make them aware of what you are bringing in as they may have you use the back door Parvo is So Extremely Contagious and You so do not want to expose your Dog to others In the waiting area
    Good Luck to Your and Your Pooch Please Keep us Updated

  10. ckbabigirl says:

    You should not feed your dog anything other than dog food. If he doesn’t like a certain kind, try another. When my dog was sick last, the vet had us give her half an immodium (She is about 45 lbs, so youd prob want to give yours a 1/4) and not feed her until 24 hours after the last time she threw up/had diarrhea to let her stomach settle.
    The color could be from what you are feeding him, but If its blood, it could be very serious, and you should definitely take him to the vet. Try calling around and I’m sure you can find one that will let you wait to make payments when you have the money.

  11. ukredhead19 says:

    “Brownish redish diahrea” – could be a sign of intestinal worms, and definately needs to be checked out by a vet. Find a vet that will let you set it up on a payment plan, explain your situation. I had the same problem with my dog and she had hookworms and roundworms when she was a puppy…a lot of puppies have this and some even transmitted from their mom and siblings….it may even be why he doesn’t wan’t to eat dog food. I think the vet is the best course of action.

  12. exsft says:

    A vet is the only solution. If you can’t afford one, give your dog to someone who can properly take care of it.

  13. Freebird-Robin says:

    I hope it’s not Parvo. Spelling?
    Anyway, give him a raw egg immediately. If they stop eating and they try to drink water and can’t it’s usually Parvo. It kills them within a few days of those symptoms. The Vet will not tell you this and most do not know. Give the puppy an egg. A raw egg. Crack it and hold his mouth open, pour it down his neck and hold his mouth open until he swallows. Repeat this two more times. If he’s still sick the next day keep giving him eggs until he starts to drink water. I saved 3 dogs this way from Parvo but I did loose one because I gave the egg to late. It may not be Parvo it may be worms. Pinworm medicine is not too expensive and you can buy it at walmart.
    Be careful of the dogfood that is out there right now. I know you said that he doesn’t eat dogfood but just in case, some of it is making our doggies sick and some is killing them. Something bad in some of lately.
    I give my dogs table scrapes all the time. I’m careful about what kind. Try not to give them chicken or turkey bones. It can cut up their little stomach or intestines. Some other kinds of bones can do this plus chocolate (dark mostly) can kill them and grapes is not good.
    You can go to a website for puppy care or something and it should tell you what and what not to feed them.
    The chocolate can cause a diarrhea and the dog can dehydrate in a very short time and die. Be careful with that.

  14. Bec says:

    He should be eating dog food! Dogs can make a honking kind of noise which is called a reverse sneeze or something like that my dog does it when he gets something stuck in his nose/throat and the vet said it is them trying to clear out whatever it is. It sounds alot different to a sneeze which sounds much the same as when we sneeze.
    Blood in his diarrhea is not good it can be anything from something stuck in his digestive track to something like irritable bowel syndrome (my dog has had this and I was so worried but after a vet trip and some antibiotics it cleared up almost immediately) to much much worse..he needs a vet to determine that.
    Honestly If you have no job and are not in a position to care for him you should either give him to a relative/friend etc. that can afford to look after him until you get back on your feet or let someone who can afford to look after him properly give him a new home…it sounds harsh but you have to not be selfish and think about what is best for him not you. Good Luck.

  15. Wild Thing says:

    Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water, so that he doesn’t dehydrate. I don’t know, what you gave him and maybe he only has an upset stomach. Don’t feed him anything right now and observe him. If he is acting normal, just wait a few more hours. Otherwise, take a stool sample and take it to the Vet. It could be so many things and we wouldn’t know what it is. A Vet needs to check if he is running a fever and check his blood count. It could be from nothing to very big. Don’t gamble and take him in. Ask your parents for a loan or tell the Vet, that you can only make monthly payments on the bill. I am sure they won’t deny your service.
    Good luck!

  16. 2Westies says:

    Try giving your pup a few tbsps. of pumpkin, not the spicey pie filling, pure canned pumpkin. It works with my dogs if it’s just an upset stomach. If the diarrhea is caused by intestinal parasites or a bacterial infection your pup will need vet meds. Good luck.

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