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What do Canadians have to do to attend University in New York?

by tom44 on June 23, 2013

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Question by evie m: What do Canadians have to do to attend University in New York?
I am a Canadian, my boyfriend got a job in New York, so we will be moving there. It looks like my only visa option is to be a student in NY.

I already have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Philosophy.
Where would I start if I want to go to College in the USA? Do I need to take some sort of standardized tests?

Also, if you’ve done it – approximately how much was tuition?

Best answer:

Answer by MadMan
You need to go to the websites of the universities you are interested in attending and see what their requirements for foreign students are. Potentially ACT and SAT test.

Once you have been admitted, you apply for a visa in Canada, where you will have to show that you can support yourself in the US.

Cost depends on the school. Columbia wll be approx. $ 40K (US) per year for tuition.

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2 thoughts on “What do Canadians have to do to attend University in New York?

  1. harry k says:

    Your question is very general.

    1st off you will need a student visa. But that will most likely be handled for you by the school you will attend.

    2nd off, what do you intend to study? If you plan on getting another bachelor’s degree, you will most likely need to take the SAT. If you plan on getting a graduate degree, the test depends on the degree. LSAT for law, MCAT for medicine, GMAT for business (MBA), GRE will be needed for other MS or MA degrees. The school will take the results of the test along with your GPA under evaluation for admission.

    3rd tuition can vary, but since you are not a US citizen you will not be eligible for any aid or scholarships. A public University will cost about $ 20K a private around $ 35-$ 40K (that’s tuition only and not room and board) a year for a 12-18 credit a semester load.

  2. Obviously Arbitrary! says:

    I need to make some corrections to the posts made above.

    First of all, if you are going for undergraduate, you need ACT or SAT, the fact that you already have a bachelor’s degree wouldn’t matter.

    If you want to go to graduate school, you take the GMAT, if you want to go to law school you take the LSAT. MCAT for medical school, but your undergraduate does not qualify for med school, so that isn’t a problem.

    _However_, the school will absolutely not arrange a visa for you. You have to schedule an interview at the American embassy, and bring the appropriate paperwork there (they will send you a list of what you need to bring). It’s mainly a formality as long as you haven’t been convicted of any crimes in the past.

    Secondly, as an international student, you are eligible for pretty much all the same scholarships and loans as an American student is. I have no idea why harry k claims you are not.

    Tuition can vary from around $ 10k a year on a state university, if you can get residency status (pretty easy in NY) to well over $ 40k a year for Columbia or NYU law schools.

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