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What college can i get into/apply to?

by tom44 on July 15, 2013

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Question by gman23: What college can i get into/apply to?
I am currently a junior in high school. I have a 4.2 GPA and am taking AP classes and have not taken the SAT/ACT or SAT II. What should I am to score on these? I also have play 3 years of basketball and 1 varsity. I am in student council, on the math team and a minority. I do not have a lot of volunteer work. I want to go to med school. Currently my top choices for college are Ohio State, UCLA, Northwestern, Stanford, or any ivy league. Where could i get in and what should i do to help get in those schools?
Would getting a part time job help?
Also how many volunteer hours should I aim for? If you have any suggestions for other schools i should apply to that would be great to. thanks.

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3 thoughts on “What college can i get into/apply to?

  1. heystevenn says:

    You have high expectations. That GPA is nice, but your UW needs to be nice, too. Your SATs matter A LOT. Try for at least 2000. For the ACT, shoot for 30+. Please do volunteer work. You need SAT IIs for stanford, 700+ would be good.

  2. teehee says:

    You need to do volunteer work if you want to get into an Ivy League. And what’s the point? Going to a top school doesn’t mean top job or pay. There are thousands of people without jobs and people who have a Phd that are working at McDonalds. I wish kids would understand that it isn’t about where you go to school, it’s about your connections and how much experience you have.

  3. Sugarplum says:

    I think your chances for getting into OSU are pretty good. They recently increased their standards for the Honors program, so it would really depend on your standardized test scores if you were aiming for that (I did and it was worth it). OSU ranks pretty well in a lot of areas as well. Other pros about OSU: there’s a lot of diversity, tons of organizations, top-notch facilities, lots of entertainment, Columbus is fun… AND – it’s not very expensive (even for out-of-staters, as I would know).

    A part-time job is unnecessary. I feel school and community involvement is much more important. I didn’t have one in high school and it didn’t detract from any scholarships, etc. I suppose if you can find one in the medical field, it could be helpful, but volunteering at a hospital would be just as good.

    As for the other schools – you are on the right track, but your standardized test scores, college essay(s), and possible interviews still matter a great deal. Make sure you are preparing for all three of those things well in advance.

    On a final note – admissions are so unpredictable. Some schools that you are easily “qualified” for decline you; on the other hand, a school that you think is a stretch may just as easily accept you. The thing to remember is that a school that may not be one of your top choices now may end up being a great experience in the end. It will all work out.

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