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what collages do you recamend for my type of career i want?

by tom44 on August 6, 2013

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Question by 😀: what collages do you recamend for my type of career i want?
i want to a be a gynecologist and a cosmetologist.
i’m saying.. LA, Berkeley, San francisco, San Mateo, Long beach…
what would you pick or recamend for me ! 😀
yeah sorry for the spelling errors.. i’m really busy right now. and i don’t watch my spelling. Don’t judge if you do you hater’s Bounce OFF!

Best answer:

Answer by eri
A cosmetologist has a few months of training in a beauty school. They don’t go to college (note spelling). A gynecologist has 4 years of college (any major and the premed classes in bio, chem, physics, math, and English, GPA over 3.5, great MCAT scores), 4 years of medical school, and 4 years of residency (training). You can start at any 4-year college or university. UCLA would be a good choice. Also, ‘recommend’.

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2 thoughts on “what collages do you recamend for my type of career i want?

  1. Melanie B says:

    i’m sorry is english not your first language? you’ve got some serious spelling errors.
    also, being an OBGYN is commendable, but why would you also want to do cosmetology?? i feel like that would be a waste.

  2. Olivia says:

    Any school with a good medical program is fine for a gynecologist degree. It will take you about 12 years to obtain that level though. Also, you have to maintain a high gpa the first four years, to be able to be accepted into medical school. UCLA is good, or if you are applying all over the country, Duke, UT in Austin, and Baylor University are phenomenal medical schools.

    A cosmetologist can just be done at any beauty school, but make sure you graduate able to do hair cuts and color. For example, at Toni and Guy, you can only graduate knowing how to color hair or cut it. That REALLY makes it hard to get an steady job once you enter the work force.

    I noticed you said you wanted to do both, and I’m sure it’s POSSIBLE, it would be incredibly hard to go through medical school and cosmetology school at the same time. I’d reccomend medical school first, and if you have time after rolling in all that bank, than try cosmetology school.

    Whatever you decided, I hope you enjoy it. I hope I helped some!

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