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What CNA job are hiring in the Chicago area?

by tom44 on July 2, 2012

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Question by : What CNA job are hiring in the Chicago area?
CNA job thats are hiring on the spot and good pay. NEED HELP ASAP.

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Answer by Sheryl
You can try any nursing home, assisted living, group homes for children, elderly or the disabled. Hospitals in your area or try temporary agencies or just google CNA jobs in Chicago. I don’t know about Chicago but here in California CNA’s can work in the prisons and that would be under state jobs.

most CNA’s are underpaid. That’s why they have such a big turnover,especially at Nursing Homes.

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One thought on “What CNA job are hiring in the Chicago area?

  1. Salma Peace says:

    You can apply in hospital or nursing homes for better position.If you have CNA certification then that will be very helpful to you.A CNA certification grants you access to a career in which you are indispensable to doctors and other nurses by caring for those who cannot care for themselves. A CNA’s tasks include taking a patient’s blood pressure, answering a patient’s calls, and monitoring vital signs and the physical condition of a patient, among other duties. CNAs also work behind the scenes, keeping long-care centers, facilities and hospitals running with their unique qualifications.

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