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What city would be better for a 29 year-old single teacher – Charleston, SC or Hilton Head?

by tom44 on June 9, 2013

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Question by doglover: What city would be better for a 29 year-old single teacher – Charleston, SC or Hilton Head?
My fiance is thinking about leaving me and if he does I need to move on with my life. I currently live in Chicago (yuck) but my parents live in Bluffton, SC. I would love to live near the ocean, have a good teaching job (high school English) and be around other singles in a fun, upbeat town. Any suggestions on Charleston vs Hilton Head? Thank you!!

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Answer by James T
totally charleston, i wouldn’t have even thought twice about moving to charleston, its a beautiful city and there are more singles in charleston than there are hilton head it seems..ive experienced that charleston seems to be a pretty young city and hilton head is where all the retirees seem to be…if you want to meet people and network i believe charleston is the way to go

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2 thoughts on “What city would be better for a 29 year-old single teacher – Charleston, SC or Hilton Head?

  1. Andy says:

    Have to agree with the first answer. There’s so much more to do in Charleston and it’s a beautiful city. The chances of meeting someone is MUCH greater in Charleston than Hilton Head, unless of course you’re looking for a rich old guy with a heart problem (just joking). From Charleston you can go to the beach anytime you want, either Hilton Head, Myrtle, Folly, and my all time favorite, Kiawah.

  2. virgil says:

    Charleston, SC.

    I go to Charleston frequently and I want to confirm to you that, between these two, Charleston is definitely the best choice. But check out the schools thoroughly before you sign up. If you want a real challenge, the Charleston City School District wants you ! There are also several good private schools and some good suburban schools. There is a magnet school within the City system that sound interesting, and the public high school on Daniel Island is quite good. These are all high schools to which I am referring.
    Socially, Charleston is a blast. There is a lot of culture. Theatre and music are very big. The people are nice. It is an upbeat town, active lifestyle. The ocean is about 10-15 miles away, if you live in the city proper, but it is possible to actually live at or close to the beach. Same situation as the schools, do your homework before you decide where to live. I personally prefer downtown, but that’s personal. It depends somewhat upon where you decide to work. There are alot of options.

    PS, Blue Bicycle Books is a nice used bookstore downtown on King St. The owner of the shop is an author and he also teaches English in the City School District at Burke High. He might be a good person to talk with.

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