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What careers does Being a Ekg Tech lead to ?

by tom44 on November 25, 2012

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Question by Erik Lewis: What careers does Being a Ekg Tech lead to ?
I took a Ekg course have yet to find a job in it but i was curious as to some of the career opportunities this field leads to ? I know one of them is Cardiology Technician although i can’t find any schools that train for that im in Chicago,IL i was wondering what other careers this can lead to and for those of you that do this as a job do you like it is it a stressful job? does it pay well? thanx.

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Answer by fergal keogh
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2 thoughts on “What careers does Being a Ekg Tech lead to ?

  1. Derek B says:

    i agree with the above answer!! my dad did the same thing 🙂 …………………but he died after 2 days 🙁


  2. FL says:

    some hospitals have on the job training for some positions…monitor tech…you may meet people who will encourage you to go to ultrasound school, EMT>>>Paramedic, Nursing {CNA, LPN, RN}, Respiratory Therapist. Most require at least 2 years of community college, some are certificate programs.

    At Illinois School of Health Careers (ISHC), you can get the training you need to become a valuable employee in Health Care. You can have the skills, confidence and knowledge necessary to achieve a meaningful career with a rewarding future.800-499-3200

    good luck

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