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What can you do with a MLIS degree?

by tom44 on September 14, 2013

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by dbking

Question by pugs f: What can you do with a MLIS degree?
I am considering going back to school for a Master of Library and Information Science degree. My background is in Health Information Management. I wish to advance my career by using this degree, but Im not 100% sure that this may be the way to do it. Does anyone have this degree, or are you working towards the degree? Will there be a job for me if I graduate with a MLIS degree? Could I become a professional medical librarian with this degree? Thank you!
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Answer by SaucyMcSauce
Major League Indoor Soccer could always be your back-up.

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One thought on “What can you do with a MLIS degree?

  1. vapaisano says:

    You can absolutely get a job with a MLIS degree. In fact, the Free Library of Philadelphia is so desperate for librarians that you are guaranteed to get a job, and there is NO risk of getting laid off since it is a Civil Service job with the City of Philadelphia (local government). The main library in downtown Philadelphia has a medical and science reference section, but so do most of the branch libraries. The benefits are great, and it is a career that you can stay with for a long time!

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