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What Can I Expect From MEPS Tomorrow? [ARMY]?

by tom44 on March 13, 2013

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Question by Co: What Can I Expect From MEPS Tomorrow? [ARMY]?
Goin down to Charlotte for MEPS tomorrow, what can i expect? Any words of advise?

Best answer:

Answer by ilovemyairmanjay
A lot of sitting around.

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9 thoughts on “What Can I Expect From MEPS Tomorrow? [ARMY]?

  1. Firedawwg says:

    Eat a good breakfast, take a good book, and be prepared to hurry up and wait.

  2. hdhayes60 says:

    You’ll be taking lots of tests, shuffled through for your physical exam, signing lots and lots and lots of paperwork.

  3. Rock The Red (Weapon X) says:

    You’ll sign your name about 50 times. Hurry up and wait. Prepare to have your balls gripped by an old man’s ice cold iron grip

  4. Sweet says:

    Check the Army website, they have a video on the MEPS process.

  5. WiTcH KiNg says:

    You will be there ALL DAY. Lots of breifings, waiting, and paperwork. The physical isn’t too bad but the problem is that they have to do it on so many people, so they will do one part that takes like 5 minutes and you will have to wait like an hour for the next part.

  6. bs says:

    be prepared to hurry up and wait. rush from one station to another…just to wait for them to get to you. eat a good breakfast as you’ll be there most of the day. make sure you take the papers the recruiter told you to, ss card, birth cert, ect. it’s not trying, so don’t be nervous. good luck to you.

  7. PF says:

    Lots of standing on lines getting checked out medically, then wait around till they call you in to choose a MOS and sign some contracts and stuff.

    Please change your avatar that ” gangsta look is really dumb”

  8. xbrnx says:

    Good god Meps and Reception are even worse than going down range. Have fun with that.

  9. dj51234 says:

    I just got back from MEPS at Raleigh yesterday actually. I had to take the ASVAB the day before and then stay at a hotel overnight with a roommate. The hotel was awesome. My roommate was cool and all we did was just chill and talk with a couple other people we met about the military and stuff. We got free food and everything. They wanted us to go to a briefing while at the hotel, which I didn’t go to, that just tells you about not drinking or anything while at MEPS so I recommend you don’t go to that since they won’t know if you are there anyways. The next day you leave at like 5:30 for MEPS and the waiting begins. I was one of the first and got the vision and hearing test done. Hearing test, you sit in a room with head phones on and click a button when you hear a beep. After that they put you in a classroom with other people and sign medical forms and get your blood pressure taken. Then I got my blood drawn. The guy missed my vein since I have small veins but it wasn’t that bad. Then I waited for my physical from an extremely old dude. They feel your balls and look up your ass and also do the normal stuff. Then you take a drug test where they watch you piss in a cup. After that you do Ortho which is just a bunch of basic movements in your underwear with a bunch of other dudes. Its a sausage factory. Then thats it. You just wait to talk to your laison about jobs and then you enlist and swear in with some other people. You might get a t-shirt and backback and a hat but I was in the navy so im not sure about you. It’s not that bad at all. I met a lot of people and just talked whenever we were waiting, which is most of the time. I actually had fun, and we got good food (Subway). Advice:
    Just do what they tell because some of the guys get mad if you don’t listen to them or do something stupid.
    Dont go to the bathroom the night before and drink a lot of water so that you can piss for the drug test. If you can’t piss you get pushed back like 2 hours.
    Try to be one of the first guys in line when the bus drops you off at MEPS so that you don’t have to wait long when you are waiting to choose a job and enlist.
    And do EXACTLY what they tell you when you are doing the exercises in your underwear because they will call you out if you are doing it wrong. One guy had trouble doing the duck walk and got made fun of.

    Good Luck

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