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What can a cna nurse expect to make in the state of washington? ?

by tom44 on August 17, 2012

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Question by cozettejohnson: What can a cna nurse expect to make in the state of washington? ?
My sis is thinking of moveing here and she is a nurse. Job listings don’t like to say how much they pay and I need to know. Probably would work any where between olympia and renton. Ful time
She is a cna. Does between 12- 15 an hour sound right?

Best answer:

Answer by Robert W
The best thing for her to do is contact some facilities and hospitals to inquire what they pay for a nurse, most of the time the range is different depending on experience. Also, is she a CNA or a nurse? CNA means Certified Nurse’s Assistant, whereas a nurse is a position of greater responsibility. The difference of pay between a CNA and a nurse is significant.

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