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What Australian companies have operations in Seattle?

by tom44 on July 7, 2013

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by djwudi

Question by Jambon: What Australian companies have operations in Seattle?
I am looking for Australian-owned companies with operations in
Seattle, WA, USA. They can be public or private companies. They can
be US companies that are ultimately owned by an Australian parent
company. An Australian parent company is a registered corporation,
either public or private, incorporated in one of the Australian states
or territories.

Best answer:

Answer by capwest5a
I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life, and although I had a few ideas, none of them were Australian companies. Why the specificity? Are American companies not good enough for you? Do you think you can waltz into a company and get a job merely because you share the same nationality as the owner? Seattle is a VERY competitive city with many qualified applicants for any job offered.

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