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What are your thoughts on Phoenix University?

by tom44 on June 15, 2013

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Question by Luis: What are your thoughts on Phoenix University?
I am planning to get my Bachelor in Business and since I currently have a full time job I thought that this would be the best way to achieve it. Would you recommended this university or do you suggest another? I hear that employers don’t look favorably upon Online degrees. Is that true?

Best answer:

Answer by Adrian
Phoenix is a fake for profit school

Please look for a accredited non-for profit school

Employers will THROW your resume in the trash when they see you graduated with a degree from Phoenix


Check it out here


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2 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on Phoenix University?

  1. Mike says:

    The guy above me is 100% correct. Those for-profit colleges are a complete rip-off.

    For a better approach, go to community college at night and/or online, then you can get a 2 year degree at your own speed, and pay as you go. Then those credits will transfer to a real 4 year college.

    And! Many well known, legitimate state colleges have online programs now. So you can get a real degree that will be useful. Just look at the webpages for REAL state run colleges in your state and you’ll find more info.

  2. lildude211us says:

    Strongly do not recommend this university. There are a good amount of REAL universities with AACSB accredited business programs out there that have more value than what you get out of this POS fake university. Phoenix makes you pay a lot for a degree that is worth less than a pile of crap and when you graduate, you get beat out for jobs by those that went to a real university.

    Look at real universities and see if they have an online business program. Otherwise, adjust your schedule to fit both tasks. Business from an accredited university is worth the investment (money and time)

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