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What are typical (or the most common) jobs in New York City?

by tom44 on July 22, 2012

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Question by sportgirlat24: What are typical (or the most common) jobs in New York City?
You know when you see women bustling around the streets in heels and pencil skirts with clean blouses holding a Starbuck’s drink? What job does this stereotype usually refer to? Like.. magazine editor? Fashion designer? What are like typical NEw York City jobs? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Eustace Tilley
They’re mostly secretaries and administrative assistants.

I mean, a magazine might have 5 or so editors, or a clothing company might have 5 or so designers, but they’ll have dozens and dozens of people working as “support staff,” so, therefore, MOST of the jobs in New York City are just that, support staff for the much smaller number of managerial and executive types.

Of course, once upon a time, New York City had thousands of manufacturing jobs and a thriving garment district, but most of that manufacturing has all moved overseas now, and New York City has become an island of office workers and “paper pushers,” instead.

Good luck!… 😀

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3 thoughts on “What are typical (or the most common) jobs in New York City?

  1. gledhill1000 says:

    exhibition centre work perhaps

  2. Heidi T says:

    Administrative assistants

  3. Mr. Opportunity says:

    Non Profit
    Self Employed
    Office Services/Clerical

    Typical white and blue collar jobs. Secondly, not everyone is a starbucks coffee drinker.

    We are a very diverse city

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