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What are the people like in San Diego? Is it easy to make friends?

by tom44 on September 1, 2013

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Question by SlickNick: What are the people like in San Diego? Is it easy to make friends?
I am a 24 yr old male who is planning to move to San Diego within the next 2 – 4 months. I’ve heard many great things about the weather and the beaches, but what about the people? I’m a very social guy and I definitely want to build a new group of friends out in SD when I move there. I’ve heard murmers that meeting people is easy, but make friends is very difficult. What are your thoughts on that? What areas do people around my age live in? I’m looking for a nice beach, with young people around, and a good bar scene. Wherever that is – I want to live there! hahaha

Let me know what you think about the people in San Diego and what the best way to make new friends would be. How can I easily break into the social scene as an outsider from the Easy Coast? (Originally from North Jersey).

I appreciate your responses.

Best answer:

Answer by marycheneysstrapon
San Diego is a very laid back city, so making new friends should not be a problem. The people are for the most part very friendly and sociable.

Great bar scene in the Hillcrest neighborhood. I hang out at a bar called the Flame on the weekends and have a good time whenever I go.

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3 thoughts on “What are the people like in San Diego? Is it easy to make friends?

  1. MEW says:

    If you’re looking for “straight” friends, I would not recommend Hillcrest specifically…Although it is a nice enough neighborhood to live in. I would recommend Pacific Beach (PB) or Ocean Beach (OB) or Mission Beach. That’s where a LOT if the college kids live and there are tons of bars. I agree that it’s hard to make friends here, but if you’re social, like you say you are, then you’ll do ok. I assume you’ll get a job here….so you’ll meet people through there. Otherwise I would say you could take a class at a Jr College, something easy, like Tennis and meet people through that.

  2. missy s says:

    I say Pacific Beach is the place to move in the San Diego area. It’s not expensive and there are tons and tons of young people, as well as a wonderful beach. My husband and I,when we were dating, lived there and we made a ton of neighborhood friends. A ton! And the best part of Pacific Beach was that all the friends we had there were from other states on the East Coast and they needed friends, too. You’ll meet people at bars and at your apartment building, but probably mostly work, too. I liked two bars named “Lattitudes” and “Cass Street”; we used to hang out there a lot and met plenty of friends there since the crowd was a bit older than college (your age-around 25) and a lot of people were regulars. We mostly met people in our apartment building and at work, that was fun! Just make sure to get a job first thing and then you can have people to go to happy hour with and everything. Even though we’re now married and moved inland to start our family, we still keep in contact with our old “party” friends from Pacific Beach. You’ll have a blast. One of our friends came here from New Jersey knowing not a soul and met a ton of friends and girlfriends and says he’ll never leave. As far as your question of “breaking into the scene” I say, just look casual (t-shirt, thongs and jeans) and make sure you are friendly and outgoing, and not a cheeseball when it comes to girls, then I think you’ll do fine. Good luck!!!

  3. dizneyfreak1 says:

    San Diego is much different than the east coast or even northern CA. It is much more laid back and friendly. Besides, the weather is great – a bit too cold right now.

    Making friends is up to you. If you go out and try, you will make friends. If you expect people are closed, they will be. If you like the bar scene, go for it. I made friends at church but that’s me. Take some classes, that’s a great way to meet people.

    I live in N. SD County and I really like it here.

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