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What are the nicest parts of Columbia, Maryland to live in?

by tom44 on June 6, 2013

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Question by David: What are the nicest parts of Columbia, Maryland to live in?
We’re interested in a job opportunity here, but just lack the first clue about where to live. We live walkable neighborhoods with shops, restaurants, and parks, unpretentious but upscale, preferably left wing?

Is there any place to live where we can ‘walk down to the corner’ and grab a beer? Any historic neighborhoods? Bungalows?


Best answer:

Answer by soupdragon12345
old town alexandria is really nice place some nice apartments there too. kings street is a nice place too walk, it goes down too the river, i have walked it a few times.

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3 thoughts on “What are the nicest parts of Columbia, Maryland to live in?

  1. keagkid101 says:

    Adult response:
    ALL of Columbia is liberal!!
    Columbia is known for its diverse neighborhoods. Each village has stores, restaurants, parks and walking paths. River Hill is the nicest and most expensive (not including Clarksville, Md, which is adjacent to Columbia). AVOID: Harper”s Choice and Owen Brown (most crime) If you can afford it live in West Columbia.

    Okay, I live in Columbia, and it is a great place to live. Kings Contrivance, has a new grocery store about a 5 minute walk. It is called Harris Teeter, and the village has good Chinese, Mexican, and Italian restaurants. This is known as Kings Contrivance Village Center. And yes, there is a place to walk and get a beer. A restaurant called Michael’s Pub is located within the village center as well. They have a good restaurant selection, and a sports bar where players from the Ravens visit. There are three schools located near by, especially Hammond High School, Atholton Elementary, Hammond Middle, Patuxent Valley, and Guilford Elementary. There is a lot of houses for sale around here as well. Apartments are also leasing.

  2. dankohner1 says:

    Symphony Woods!

  3. mrsjvb says:

    having used to live in Columbia: nowhere.

    you will need to commute from elsewhere. Downtown Annapolis is nice.

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