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What are the job opportunities in Miami , Florida ?

by tom44 on April 21, 2014

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Question by : What are the job opportunities in Miami , Florida ?
What are the job opportunities in Miami , FL ? Is it easy to get a job down there ? Do you necessarily need a degree ? Also do you know what the weather is like during the winter ? Comment please . Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Isaac
There are many non-profit organizations that pay well, such as City Year, or many other places.

It’s almost impossible not to find a job that suits you here in Miami.
If you’re into the club scene, you might want to look into being a Promoter, but only if you have a large network.

I would recommend going on the South Florida craiglist, and go job hunting, and most malls down here are always hiring new people, and most don’t require a degree from college, and/or High school.
But I do recommend you at least have your GED.

The possibilities are endless.

During the winter, it’s mildly cold. The lowest I would say on a regular winter day in Miami is possibly 70 Degrees.
If it’s one of those nights that has a cold front, maybe 60-65.

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One thought on “What are the job opportunities in Miami , Florida ?

  1. ASUGRAD says:

    The job market is hard for recent college graduates in Miami. It’s not uncommon for local college graduates to wind up moving back in with their parents. By contrast, the job market is very strong if you have the right number of years of experience and degree.

    For example, a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, accountant, medical billing coder, dentist, engineer, or computer programmer/tester could get a job fairly easily if he or she has over 5 years of experience.

    But for a college graduate who majored in the social sciences or humanities and has 0 years of experience it may be tough just to get a job as a waiter/waitress. The job market is brutal. The income disparity is high in Miami, and the middle class is small. Miami sucks.

    The weather is great in the winter but hot and humid for the summer and fall. I generally encourage recent college graduates in their 20s to try Texas instead. On the other hand, if one is 40 years old and has 15 years of software programming experience in Java/web services, and SQL Data Mining with a master’s of computer science then that person can get a job within a couple of days on in Miami. Or a nurse practitioner with a PhD and 10 years experience can get a job quickly too.

    Try Texas for a job if you are young with NO work experience. Just a HS graduate could get on an oil rig or refinery in Houston quickly.

    But if you have a master’s degree in computer engineering or a masters of physician assistant go ahead and come down and give it a try.

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