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what are the job limitations in phoenix arizona!!!?

by tom44 on March 9, 2014

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Question by shadow_vortex91: what are the job limitations in phoenix arizona!!!?
Dose anyone know were I could get a job in Phoenix Arizona. I am 17 so I don’t fullly know where i can and can’t work at. please help!!!! I already know I could get a job at a fast food place, but I want to earn just a little more then minimum wage.

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Answer by fax4voice3
One big limitation is that you have to 18 to be a snowplow driver.

What? Have you ever SEEN a 17-year-old snowplow driver in Phoenix?

Seriously, as long as it doesn’t involve serving alcohol, operating dangerous machinery, long work hours, or signing contracts, you should be OK as fr as legal limitations go. You might want to try to get restaurant work at a sit-down place, like one of the chains. My first restaurant job back in 19-*mumble* was at Red Lobster, and they paid a good bit higher than minimum.

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