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What are the hottest jobs in Boston?

by tom44 on September 10, 2012

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Question by Sunshine: What are the hottest jobs in Boston?
Just curious, what are the hottest and fastest growing jobs in Boston? They say doing what you love in a city you love is the way to go so I need to know if anyone can help me with Boston. Thanks!

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Answer by Pablo
I went there with a skilled profession and did very well. I left with ten time the amount that I came to the city with. I was there for four months and worked two jobs.

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2 thoughts on “What are the hottest jobs in Boston?

  1. Mister C. says:

    Insurance fraud is a booming business in Boston,Arson is also a good paying institution too,You might want to consider selling drugs or Fire-arms too…

  2. McShane says:

    In general.

    BioTech, Pharma, all Tech.

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