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What are the best paid professional jobs in Chicago, IL USA?

by tom44 on June 18, 2012

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Question by : What are the best paid professional jobs in Chicago, IL USA?
I m just wondering what are the best well paid jobs in Downtown Chicago?
I want to study something in the medical field. So i guess my question is…
What medical jobs are the best paid jobs and less competitive to earn?

Best answer:

Answer by Volusian
It makes no matter where you are……….

According to CNN Money, following are the five BEST jobs having the greatest projected growth rates for the next ten years.

#1 – Software Architect – BEST job with an expected 34% growth rate.

#2 Physician Assistant – Second best job with an expected 39% growth rate. With PCPs on the decline, PAs step up to the plate and join NPs – average salary $ 75,000 – $ 80,000 / year or roughly half the annual wages of the PCP who supervises the PA.

#3 Management Consultant – Third best job with expected 24% growth rate

#4 Physical Therapist – Fourth best job with an expected 30% growth rate. Baby Boomers, the clumsy and accident prone love PTs.

#5 Environmental Engineer – Fifth best job with an expected 31% growth rate.

For the list of the top 100 best jobs with the greatest potential growth for the next 10 years:

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