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what are some pros and cons of living in florida?

by tom44 on March 30, 2013

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Question by Stacy: what are some pros and cons of living in florida?
My fiance and I live in ohio and would love to live in florida. We do not like the cold/snow and feel like we are young and financially able to take an opportunity such as this. For people who live/have lived in florida, what are some pros and cons? What areas do you recommend, as I personally am drawn to the west central areas such as clearwater and st. petes. What areas are good for families because we want to eventually have one? Have you ever regretted living in florida and why? Also just any other opinions or input you have will be extremely helpful!


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Answer by kate
Pros: weather, price of homes, amusement parks, both urban and rural areas close together
Cons: price of everything (excluding homes), the rain is horrible as well but clears up quickly during the summer

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2 thoughts on “what are some pros and cons of living in florida?

  1. ? My name is ??o?! ? says:

    pros: Sunshine
    Forever vacation
    lot more!!

    no need, you
    cant point them
    out over the pros!

  2. reinaldok_2000 says:

    I refer to Central Florida – not Miami Dade or the Panhandle

    Pros – You can do everything here except maybe snow skiing or mountain climbing. I checked Columbus for a comparison – yearly rainfall Columbus 38 inches – Orlando 48 inches. Despite what you might have heard it can get quite cold here. However we normally get 5 freezing days a year.
    Temperature ca vary from the 30s to the 80s in a short time as it has this year. Housing – mainly because of the never ending recession is more available and less costly than in almost all parts of the USA. Food shopping, I find in the large chains not that much different than in other parts. Costco is Costco and Walmart – Walmart. Discount chains like Aldi and some dollar stores are opening more and more places. . Daily living is certainly easier here . Car starts every morning. Can get the children dressed to go out in three minutes. It certainly is great to be less than one hour from very uncrowded Atlantic beaches and under two hours to the gulf. Also there are many parks
    with spring fed spas with a constant temperature of 72F Great places to spend a day.Medical is strictly first rate 0 if you can make it through traffic to you doctor.
    Cons: First jobs – right now very difficult – close to the only opportunities in entry level fast food type employment. Traffic: If you come here – you must live very close to your school or employment.
    There is no mass system and toll roads are all over the place. Theme parks for the vast majority of the 3 million who reside here has been a real con, not a pro as many would have you think. Disney has 60000 people working at their parks and hotels. Most at pay level just above minimum. This was such a basically semi-rural area at one time. We now have to tell every one we ave the most chain restaurants in the country and the biggest this or that. The small eating places have not survived and an Applebees in Orlando is the same as one in Cleveland.
    Conclusion – if you realize that you are coming ere to reside – and not as a 4 day tourist yo will enjoy every minute. (You can yahoo mail me for any additional information)

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