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What are some pre-bachelors geology jobs?

by tom44 on September 2, 2013

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Question by Brian: What are some pre-bachelors geology jobs?
I’m planning on enrolling in an undergraduate program for geology in the Spring of 2013. I want to find a job until then, and I want something that will be relevant to the field. Are there any jobs related to geology that someone with no geology experience could do? Please help me out!

I live in the Albany area of New York State (in case someone happens to know of area-specific opportunities)

Best answer:

Answer by Tashkent T
I suggest that you work as a geologist’s assistant on a gold exploration project, perhaps in Canada. You would be required to take samples, split core, organise samples for distribution to the assay labs, RQD logging of the core, etc etc.

There would however be quieter moments when you would be able to ask the geologsts questions, and if they know you want to become a geologist yourself when you leave university, they are likely to give detailed answers. You would also see the inside of an exploration camp which would enable you to assess whether this is the environment that you want to work in.

I suggest that you find active companies through ‘Google’. Try such possibilities as ‘exploration gold nevada’ or ‘exploration gold alaska’ or ‘exploration gold british columbia’. Then phone up the companies concerned or email the companies and see what they say.

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