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What are some popular jobs in the seattle area?

by tom44 on July 5, 2012

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Question by Xenu Jacked My Twenty-Fo’s!: What are some popular jobs in the seattle area?
I need to know what are some popular jobs in the seattle area or bigtime employers. Thanks
Im not looking for jobs I just need it for research and am having trouble finding it

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Answer by tom
Well to help you find this out you should look up Seattle on See what come up

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2 thoughts on “What are some popular jobs in the seattle area?

  1. chuckles951 says:

    Computer Programmer

    Aircraft assembly worker


  2. TopGun says:

    Nurse is very hot, many first year graduates get $ 80K/ year ,average $ 120,000 in CA. You can get $ 60K to 100K in Seattle area, You can get RN license in 3 years community college

    But be aware, many hospitals will cut nurse salary in next a few year, because so many lost jobs, no job means no insurance, they will not either seeking medical care or without paying bill, who can afford $ 14,000/year medical insurance for a family of 4.

    And so many nurse graduates plus huge Filipino and Indian Nurses get licenses in US, If you don’t do it in $ 25/hr, many are waiting up for the position.

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