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What are some of the best universities in Chicago for becoming a high school gym teacher?

by tom44 on June 13, 2013

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Question by BballLover25: What are some of the best universities in Chicago for becoming a high school gym teacher?
I’ve been thinking about jobs and I really want to have a job waking up looking forward going to it. I’ve realized that becoming a doctor or a nurse isin’t for me. I want to have a job that is always active, helping kids, and having a fun atmosphere.

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Answer by Lillybelle
The major is often called Health and Physical Education. When you complete the four-year bachelor program, and passed necessary tests, you will have credentials to be hired as a physical education and health teacher, grades K-12.

When you student teach, you will most likely have an elementary and a secondary placement. In college, you would have to learn teaching methods for K-12, child development, skill development, all the sports, and so much more. You would also probably be expected to be knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, first aide, anatomy, as well as teaching about boys and girls physical development in health class, and all the other health topics.

Don’t expect to walk right into a high school PE job. If they have no high school openings, you may take a job in a middle or elementary school first. Later, when a secondary posting is open, you may be able to apply for the postings.

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