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what are some non combat jobs in the army where you get to travel?

by tom44 on March 20, 2014

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Question by Keith: what are some non combat jobs in the army where you get to travel?
what are some jobs in the army that doesnt involve fighting in warzones and let you travel to different countries

Best answer:

Answer by crash.override
ALL jobs in the Army can put you in a war zone. The only travel you will be doing is from duty station to duty station. What do you think the Army is…some sort of vacation?

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6 thoughts on “what are some non combat jobs in the army where you get to travel?

  1. Astraeus says:

    Any job that deploys. Although you’ll end up in a 3rd world shit hole.

    Join the Navy if you want to see the world.

  2. matt says:

    all army jobs are combat jobs. Chaplin assistance will allow you not to fight, anything in the medical field but combat medic will allow that.
    Satellite communications, but you still will go over seas.
    The only job I knew of is the people who work on the PATRIOT Missile Defense System II. But you dont get to go to germany and all that shit. Just San Diego, and DC. But that was also in 2003 so who know.
    The jobs that have very little was zone time are the jobs that require a high GT ASVAB score. So 110 or higher.
    Join the Navy if you want to travel and not see combat

  3. ArmyGuy says:


    Like others have stated here ALL JOBS are subject to COMBAT you are a soldier first

    each time i was deployed we had pencil pushers as we called them out on patrols
    we had medics , about the ONLY job i could think of that you may not get into combat would be a chaplis assistant but i wouldn’t count on it

  4. Hayley says:

    Salvation Army is the only army that doesn’t involve you going into combat.

    Every MOS in the military, can see you with a rifle in hand, fighting for your life.

    Even if it’s a non-combat arms MOS, you could get attacked and have to defend yourself.

  5. Beta says:

    If you don’t want to fight for your Country and just want to travel then the Military isn’t for you. When shot hits the fan, even the cooks will pick up their weapons. “ANy” MOS has a chance to see Combat. The enemy won’t look at you and say, “Oh, he’s just the truck driver, I won’t shoot him”. they will shoot anyone in the Uniform.

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