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what are some jobs you can get at age fourteen?

by tom44 on April 3, 2014

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Question by Cody C: what are some jobs you can get at age fourteen?
what kind of simple job can i get at age fourteen?

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Answer by Tangarooo
Most states have child labor laws that will prohibit you from working at a ‘regular’ job. Some jobs that are allowed in Maryland for your age are farm jobs and seasonal jobs (like selling Christmas trees). Those jobs are not under the same rules as typical jobs and do not have to conform to the hours that typical jobs have to conform to under child labor laws. Look up ‘child labor laws’ in your state. Other than that, you have to be creative. When I was 12 we lived in Germany in a large apartment complex with no elevators. So I went door to door and asked people if I could take their trash our for them. It sucked, but I usually made a little money. One day a lady noticed how much her dog liked me and asked if I would take the dog with me when I took out the trash. I never took trash out again: I was The Dog Walker from then on. Another time, I was jobless so I was hanging around a fancy schmancy riding stable. One lady asked me if I would give her horse extra hay every night and she would pay me a dollar each time I did that. Someone else found out I was going to be there and asked me to do the same thing. Then the guy that watered every night figured since I was going to be there, I might as well water for him and he paid me as well. So for about 15 minutes of my time and a stroll through the barn every night, I made a small chunk of money. Pretty soon the little bits and pieces of change here and there turned into quite a bit of money for me and I had to write out a price list and take Sunday afternoons off just so I could write out and deliver my ‘bills’. By the time I left there, still without a job, I was raising my prices on things I didn’t like doing and even had someone doing some of the work for me (I was actually subcontracting!) Don’t be afaid to take a small task, it might turn into another task (and more money). Tell everyone you meet that you are looking for work and that you want to make some money. Don’t think you are above anything, even if it’s scooping dog poop and you will get work. There is also the newspaper thing, but I think that’s usually retirees that do that now. That was T. Boone Pickens first job and he has been a billionaire twice. (He lost all his money at age 50-something, then made another billion a few years later.) Best of luck to you and congratulations for working at 14. One other thing: you won’t pay taxes on the money you make at a ‘creative’ job. If someone DOES give you a 1099 (a tax form for independant contract labor) don’t worry, you don’t have to pay taxes until you make over $ 600 in one calendar year – on the 1099.

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