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What are some jobs that are on some hit tv shows?

by tom44 on June 8, 2014

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Question by carlosstjohn: What are some jobs that are on some hit tv shows?
like house, lie to me, bones, csi stuff like tht
what are the proffesions/carrers the main characters and the other characters do.House-if u can all of them
Lie to Me-whatever u can
bones-what dr. brenan(main character)does, and all of the rest
csi-whatever u can
whatevr else u can will help to, thanks:)

Best answer:

Answer by SOur PaTch kId !
Bones is an forensic anthropologist.
Booth; FBI agent.
Angela: Forensic Artist.
Hodgins; entomologist.
Sweets; pshycologist

CSI:Miami -There are Medical examiners,
DNA analyst,
ballistics specialist

House : neurologist,

Lie to me: Pretty much all of them

hope i helped 🙂

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