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What are some job staffing companies in Atlanta?

by tom44 on May 4, 2014

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Question by Derica H: What are some job staffing companies in Atlanta?
Anybody know any job staffing programs(those companies that hepl people find a job )that you can go to if your under 18 years of age in Atlanta and surrounding area??

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Answer by Perfect Purple
No. You’ll need to imply directly to places like Home Depot, Lowes, Papa John’s, etc., unless you have some special skill already.

If so, then try Randstadt, Kelly Staffing or Apple One.

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One thought on “What are some job staffing companies in Atlanta?

  1. A F says:

    Go to and enter staffing and Atlanta Ga or employment agencies and Atlanta, GA and you will find a lot. You may want to concentrate on temporary employment agencies bec they do not charge a fee to you and do pay benefits. Many atlanta area jobs are filled on a ‘temp to perm” basis meaning you start working with a temp service and if you do well you get hired for permanent work. You do not always need special skills bec they hire for a lot of different things for ex light assembly ( putting things in boxes or taking wires loose from miswired circuit boards and such), stocking shelves, loading trucks, telemarketing, convention set up and hostessing, etc. Of course if you have skills like keyboarding, computer, cashier, food service, etc, then that opens up even more possibilities for you.

    You may want to also look at for lists of jobs available through the GA labor dept.

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