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What are some job opportunities for a Masters in Sociology?

by tom44 on November 25, 2013

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Question by ?Femme Bookworm?: What are some job opportunities for a Masters in Sociology?
I am looking at getting my Master of Arts in Sociology. What are some job opportunities that would be available to me? Would I be able to be a social worker and get certified in that? If not, what other jobs could I do with that degree? Thanks!

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Answer by Arnold Ziffel
President of the United States

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4 thoughts on “What are some job opportunities for a Masters in Sociology?

  1. dhmexports says:

    chasing after wild and crazy lunatics in public places is a profession to some

  2. Kyran M says:

    social worker is probably your only option, even police work, social scince degree are nice but have very little practical use

  3. daddysambiguity says:

    You could do some social work-y typed jobs. Others, though, will require you to specifically have an MSW to do the kind of social work jobs that most people do with Master’s level degrees — particularly if you want to get into counseling and that kind of thing (which then requires additional licensing after the MSW).

    There are lots of non-profit kinds of positions you could probably do. These kinds of jobs would allow you to help people, but might not require an MSW in particular.

    You could work in applied sociology, as well. Crunching stats, doing research, writing reports for private agencies or for the government — probably assisting a PhD-level sociologist.

    An MA will also let you teach at private high schools and at the community college level. It’d also let you apply for lecturer positions at many 4-year universities.

    If you’re into it, I think marketing/advertising positions are often open to those with sociology degrees.

    Why don’t you try browsing jobs on websites? I do that a lot. Search for fields like social services, non-profit, research, marketing, advertising, etc.

  4. Mel S says:

    prostitution, drug dealing, president of carlton football club, checkout chick.

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