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What are some good jobs I can apply for after graduating with an AA degree?

by tom44 on September 16, 2013

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computer forensics job
by quapan

Question by McDonald: What are some good jobs I can apply for after graduating with an AA degree?
This June I might have to enter the workforce do the fact that I wouldn’t be able to transfer to a 4 year university. I’m going to apply for a 4 year university the following year. I will graduate college with a degree in behavioral and social sciences. I am a criminal justice major and would want to work at a job where it have a criminal element. I plan on having a career in computer forensics in the future and right now if I’m force to enter the workforce I would like to work at a job where it involves crime and computers.

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Honestly those degrees are totally unrelated to what you want to do. Computer forensics being an IT major myself is hard to get into. You can go into the field with those degrees but i would reccomend getting a few certs and maybe starting out doing basic tech support or repair. Work your way into the networking departments with maybe a ccna. Then try to do some network auditing on your own using backtrack linux to start. Get profficient and get certified as an ethical hacker.
As you can see it will take some time and those positions are hard to get as well. As far as IT goes i think degrees are useless. Really to keep up self teaching is crucial. College has taught me little to nothing about development, network auditing or repair.
In most of my classes what they taught in 12 weeks i could learn in a few days. College in general is outdated unless you are going to be a nurse or something. Google can teach you everything you need to know in this field.
But you need to know where to look and understand technical language and terms. I may not have a degree but i know a lot more than some comp sci students i’ve seen. Its a shame the industry would value them over me. Btw get that bachelors degree but follow the steps i mentioned above. You need some kind of bachelors degree to get a comp forensics job along with work experience.

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