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What are my options for medical care with no money in Georgia?

by tom44 on August 28, 2013

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Question by SQL_DBA_Needs_Legal_Help_ASAP: What are my options for medical care with no money in Georgia?
I have been under tremendous stress for an extended period. I survived a bout of homelessness & malnourishment. I had to file bankruptcy, I got a job but was underemployed. I was not making enough to pay my bills, just fuel and a weekly lodge.

After the homelessness, I stayed with a friend who lived so far from my daily routine that I had to literally spend hours traveling daily to continue to survive. I somehow contracted a viral infection amd had to make an emergency room visit. This infection hit me pretty hard affecting lungs and bronchial passages. My immune system is so weak that I had to stop working my low paying job just to recupperate. I need to work. I have worked my entire life, still but my head spins constantly, I have a bad headache, & my chest and heart literally ache. I just don’t feel quite well yet.

1.Given my conditions & needs what are my options for medical care with no money?
2.Do doctors do pro bono work?
3.Are there free clinics, I can visit?

Best answer:

Answer by drphilmom
Grady Hospital in Atlanta accepts indigent patients. You need to go to the emergency room for a chest x-ray. Also, call DFACS in your county to ask for help. Even though you might not be elderly, you are sick and in need of medical attention. If it were me, I’d head to Grady right now, as you probably have a case of pneumonia or some other major ailment that could get worse. They can also advise you as to where to go for follow-up.

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