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What are my chances of getting into UT Austin?

by tom44 on August 3, 2012

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Question by What are my chances of getting into UT Austin?
Ok so Im an Austin resident in her senior year of high school and want to attend UT Austin, here are my specks:

– 3.9 GPA on 4.0 scale
– Rank: 71/601 (top 12%)
– 1600 SAT (M,CR,W), I know sucks!
– 23 ACT (taking again saturday)
– Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society)
– NHS (National Honor Society)
– HOSA (health occupations students of america): officer this year
– 65+ hours volunteer service (hospital)
– Certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) certification
– Job: using CNA license (Jan 08-present)
– Great letters of recommendation
– Good essays
– College Credit: Govt, Econ, Medical Terminology, BCIS, Health Science Technology (I and II)
– Will be Health Science Academy Graduate (program at school)

So I want my chances, honestly please! I have heard of many people getting in that were not in top 10%, but Im still super worried they might just look me over for someone better…help!

Best answer:

Answer by liveoutloud
The fact that you live in Austin is definitely a plus, but your scores are not very good. If you can get them up, then you should be fine. Your GPA is great! If your ACT shows significant improvement, then I would send it in INSTEAD of your SAT for sure!!

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