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what are good things to check out in washington dc?

by tom44 on August 31, 2013

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Question by LuvlyBee: what are good things to check out in washington dc?
my family is planning a vacation to washington dc. i have to help with preparations for the hotels and all that junk. do you guys have any suggestions on good places we can go like amusment parks or museums or whatever? let me know okay?

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Answer by Anybody wanna chat??:)
u should really think about places or things u guys might wanna see. i live in va so i would go see this museum that has a lot of exotic and colorful plants. its indoors so u wont have to be worried about being stung by a bee or anything

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2 thoughts on “what are good things to check out in washington dc?

  1. Thomas says:

    There is no end to things to see in Washington DC, you can easily find something to do every day for weeks.

    Some obvious highlights:
    Government buildings (Capital, White House, Supreme Court, Library of Congress) are all excellent choices. Capital South Metro is probably the closest one to the Capital building, Supreme Court and Library of Congress…not sure about the white house.

    Monuments: At least see the famous ones (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, WWII, Vietnam, Korea). With the exception of the Jefferson monument all of those are literally in a row. You can take the Metro to Federal Triangle (I think) and that is near Washington monument. From there just start walking towards Lincoln. WWII is on the way, Vietnam and Korea are left and right of Lincoln. Another great monument is the FDR Memorial. I HIGHLY recommend doing the following monuments at night (WWII, Korea, Lincoln, FDR)

    Museums: Holocaust museum is a big experience, though perhaps not something for little kids. The Smithsonian museums are all a full day of exploration — for kids Air and Space Museum or Natural History museum (Depending on their personalities) are normally big hits. Another one that is interesting (But not free) is the Spy Museum… kids would find large parts of this boring, but it does have some A/C Ducts and such for them to climb in and has some fun spy gadgets in the giftshop. This is a few blocks from Ford’s theater, but can’t remember the name of the nearby metro stop.

    Other sites of interest:
    Ford’s Theater: This is where Lincoln was shot, they do regular tours throughout the day. It is also right next to a Hard Rock Cafe so is a good stop just before/after lunch. To get there, I’d take the Metro to Navy Memorial (Archives/Navy Memorial stop). See the memorial while you are there then go around the FBI HQ building. Ford’s Theater is the opposite corner from where you started.

    National Archive: This is (I think) across the street from Navy Memorial (Archives/Navy Memorial Metro stop). This is where the original copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are kept

    National Zoo: This has its own metro stop (Woordley Park / Zoo — or something like that on the red line). From the stop you have to walk a few blocks up hill, but it isn’t too far. They have some Young Panda bears that are very cute. This metro stop also has a number of restaurants around it so you could maybe do the afternoon at the zoo then have dinner by the metro before heading back to the hotel (Or to the monuments at night)

    Pentagon City Mall — If you are the kids like to shop, this is the place to go. 4 story mall with a large food court in the basement. This has its own metro stop (Pentagon City Mall). You can also go outside and get a good look at the Pentagon.

    Arlington National Cemetery — In addition to the national cemetery this site has Robert E. Lee’s house, the JFK Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier conducts the changing of the guard ceremony every 30 minutes. If you have kids old enough to appreciate the ceremony, they do an amazing job. Metro stop is (I think) called “Arlington Cemetery” there is nowhere to eat around this point, but it is only 1-2 Metro stops from Pentagon City Mall, so you can go there after the cemetery to eat and explore

    As I said, there is LOTS to do in DC (not counting trips to Baltimore, etc). This is a good week or more worth of adventuring, so hopefully that is enough for you. You will also find plenty of places along the way to these locations that you might want to stop in and see.

    Get the Day pass metro cards for everyone in your group. They are $ 6 for unlimited rides all day. If you are going to use the metro for more than a single round trip they are normally more cost effective.

    Another piece of general advice — contact your congressman’s office in advance. A lot of times they will be able to set up a small group or personalized tour of the capital building and/or White House both of which are currently off limits without an escort.

    Have fun in DC!

  2. musicgal says:

    go to the smithsonian and the war memorials: WWII, Vietnam, Air Force, Iwo Gima. the zoo is fun. u should go to archives. you can go to the Kennedy Center to see a performance. have fun.

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