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what are good retail jobs in Los Angeles to work that pays well but flexible & enough to pay for an apartment?

by tom44 on June 26, 2012

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Question by : what are good retail jobs in Los Angeles to work that pays well but flexible & enough to pay for an apartment?
I’m looking to move to los angeles for schooling, and would like to know what’s a good job out there that’ll be stable enough to make a living. Starbucks? Macy’s? Target? I don’t want to go back to McDonalds. something that’s bearable to work at? any ideas?

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LMAO Macy’s? HELL NO! I say Starbucks 🙂 Target is worst than Macys,

Black clothing, or anything that is cute but professional.

I worked with Macy’s for three years as a sale associate before I decided to call it quit. Managements lie about being flexible with your schedule if you work or go to school. They want you to work and if you don’t work, you get a point taken out.

Employees get 9 points for the entire year. These 9 points determine if you call in or can’t work, they will take out one point on weekday and two points on weekend. They don’t care if it family emergency or that you sick. If you have 2 points left, don’t bother showing up to work. They will tell you to go home and you’re fired. So really, you only have 7 points to begin with. I don’t know why they lied about the 9 points thingy.

You don’t get paid time off, until you work there for one full year. Part time you only get about 2-5 days paid time off for the whole year, while full timer get about 5-10 days paid time off.

You get 20% Employee discount on everything you buy. You must enroll for the Macy’s credit card to get the discount. If you have bad credit or don’t want to open a Macy’s card, you can apply for the Pre-Paid Macy’s card. It’s where you put money to spend and get your 20% employee discount.

Be aware that if you want to open a Macy’s credit card, it is 24.50% APR.

Manager only cares if you open Loyalty. Loyalty is where you convince customers to open an Macy’s credit card. Part timer need to open 2-3 credit cards per week, while full timer need to 3-4 credit cards per week.

You need to make sure you do 100%-200% of your sales goal per day, if you don’t Manager will nag you on your sales goal and opening credits. It will effect on your store card and your job status.

Each week, Manager will show us our Weekly Store Card. Store Card is a ranking system for all employees. It consists of how many items you sell per transaction, sales goal, credits, average sale, overall points, and your rank.

Items per transaction is worth: 15 points
Sales Goal is worth: 55 points
Credits is worth: 20 points
Average sale: 10 points

Total: 100 points

You need to make sure your store card is around 75 points to 100 points each week. If not, Manager will be keep an eyes close on you and supervise you. They will do role plays and it doesn’t help when they keep telling you “No, that’s not right, do it again”

Sales goal is the biggest thing when you work in Macy’s. If you make your sales goal yesterday or whatever date it is, and your previous customers that you rang the purchases up decided to return the stuffs. It will effect your sales goal. Customer doesn’t know that it effect sale associate sales goal. So instead of having a sales goal of $ 900 for today, your sales goal will go up to $ 1200, or more depending how many returns you’re getting. So you always make sure your customer doesn’t come back to return the stuffs. Always ask and making sure the clothes or merchandising they buy satisfy them. You DON”T WANT RETURNS.

Each time you open credits, you get macy’s money. Macy’s money is not real cash, it’s act like a coupons that you can use for your purchases. You each $ 3 Macy’s money per credit you open, either it’s approve or not approve.

Macy’s will lie about their fashionable wears. Employees only get to wear black clothing with some accessories. If you work in Impulse Department then you are allow to wear Impulse stuffs. Impulse is high end clothing such as True Religion, BCBG, and etc. You don’t get free clothing allowance whatsoever unless you’re a Specialist. If you’re not, then you have to pay high price just to wear regular clothing instead of black.

Good luck. But i’m happy that I quit Macy’s. It’s so stressful, you always get yell by the customers no matter what, even if it’s not your fault, but the Corporation.

Customers will treat you like crap, and they don’t care about you nor your sales goal. Manager will tries to make you work like a dog and the paid is really low. They starts you off at $ 8.00 per hour.
Not only you have to clean the dressing room, you have to put the clothes away, do exchange, returns, phone calls, orders, purchases, open crediting and etc.

If i were you I will not work at Macys.

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One thought on “what are good retail jobs in Los Angeles to work that pays well but flexible & enough to pay for an apartment?

  1. maliboo_girl says:

    You can’t live on retail job salaries in LA as they pay minimum wage or not much more. Literally, if you were able to get full time hours, you would be able to pay for a low end one bedroom apartment, or a single and some food. That’s it. And besides, it’s extremely tough to get even an entry level job in LA, we have one of the worst unemployment situations in the US. You can expect to be unemployed for 4 – 6 months, maybe less if you’re very lucky, but for some it takes a year or longer to get a job at McDonald’s. Seriously. Many professions that paid over minimum wage now pay less than they did 2 years ago, sometimes significantly less. That’s because businesses aren’t doing well, and because there are many more applicants per job opening, that employees are desperate and willing to take less pay.

    Minimum wage is $ 8 an hour, that is $ 1100 or less a month after taxes and deductions, if you can get full time hours (often they cut them just short so benefits don’t kick in). A low end one bedroom apartment in LA is generally $ 1100 – $ 1200 a month, a single will be $ 700 – $ 900. And you might not find these apartments and neighborhoods acceptable. Roommates are usually more hassle than they are worth, and you need to have enough saved to cover their portion of the rent in case they flake. If you find a lower cost apartment, it may be a scam, we have lots of rental and roommate scams. Tenants cannot rent out to new roommates without landlord approval, so if the landlord doesn’t check out your credit and rental history, you’re likely involved in a scam. Homeowners can’t rent out every room in their homes and turn them into flophouses, we have occupancy laws and neighbors call authorities. Google: Rental scams, and Rental scams Los Angeles

    Most of the department stores have policies and pay like Macy’s, which Natalia explained in great detail. Some departments pay commission, typically cosmetics and shoes, but they are very competitive and stressful and tough to get jobs in if you don’t have experience.

    Starbucks isn’t as good a place to work like it used to be, and you don’t earn enough to support yourself in LA. Things are changing in Starbucks, but it still might be a better option than McDonalds, however, if you’re smart it’s probably easier to go up the ladder at McD’s.

    There aren’t even waiter jobs like in the past, where you could earn enough to support yourself, as the restaurant business is doing horribly, and the jobs with good tips all go to professionals who have many years experience.

    Have you checked your school’s job office? Do you have any other options, like living with parents while you move up the job ladder, finish school, save some money? Just pay them some rent, clean up after yourself, and be polite, if you think it’s an option. It may not be your first choice, but if it’s an option, you really should give it priority consideration.

    Good luck!

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