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What are good jobs for 14 year old girls in New Jersey?

by tom44 on September 25, 2013

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Question by scarlett: What are good jobs for 14 year old girls in New Jersey?
I’m off for the summer, and I’m finally in the “somewhat legal” working age of 14. What places in New Jersey usually hire 14 year olds? (Other than Lemonade stands, odd jobs, babysitting, etc.)
Best answer to the person who suggests the most/best legitimate job that would actually hire a 14 year old.
Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by *.Cherry Pie.*
That upper sites are scam. Apply at restaurants or fast-food as a waitress or dish washer.

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3 thoughts on “What are good jobs for 14 year old girls in New Jersey?

  1. sweetandsour375 says:

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  2. tantetmw says:

    That’s a tough question. At 14, most employers can’t hire you in NJ. What about as a junior camp counselor at a local camp? Or, to change up the babysitting aspect, why don’t you apply to the local Y, or local gym and offer your services on site while their clients are using the facilities?

  3. littlefrogling says:

    Well, when I was 14 you weren’t legally allowed to work in NJ. Maybe the employment laws have changed?

    Anyway, if you actually are allowed to work, I would recommend waitressing some place that doesn’t have a liquor license. In NJ, you aren’t allowed to serve booze, even as a waitress, until you are 18. But, in a diner or a drive-in (Stewart’s, Webber’s), this isn’t an issue. And, you will get tips, which is great. Or, you can get a job as a hostess at one of the large chain resturants (like Lonestar, Applebee’s, Chili’s, etc.) At these places, you will get “tip share,” which means you get a percentage of the servers’ tips for sitting the customers, clearing the plates after dinner, etc.

    Besides that, a job as a camp counselor is pretty good. You get to spend the summer outside in the sun, and the parents at the end of the summer will tip you (sometimes I would get as much as 80 or 100 bucks from a parent the last day of camp). Also, if you are interested in babysitting during the school year, this is a great way to make connections with new families that you might not have met otherwise.

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