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What are good areas around Raleigh NC to move?

by tom44 on January 10, 2014

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Question by Chris: What are good areas around Raleigh NC to move?
Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my question. I actually have a few questions. I will be graduating college in Pennsylvania in May. I just accepted a job offer for a company located in Research Triangle Park. I’ve been trying to do some research about good areas to live. It seems like most people move to Cary? I apologize if I spelled that wrong. I also read that there’s a lot of traffic in there area, is there decent public transportation to RTP?

Ideally I’d like to live an area with pretty nice apartments, nothing overly extravagant but something comfortable, near areas of public transportation if any is available. Is the cost of living high in the area? Also I’m looking for somewhere near places with good nightlife. Which actually leads me to my next question of where are the nightlife areas, are the in downtown Raleigh or more directly surrounding the local colleges? Lastly, somewhere with not a lot of crime. Any insight would be really helpful. Thank you!

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Answer by Caite_Bug
The black neighborhoods are the best.

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2 thoughts on “What are good areas around Raleigh NC to move?

  1. The Investigator says:

    Cary is an amazing place that I would highly recommend! There is good public transportation system leading to RTP. Prices range low to high. If you wanted to you could live in a nice expensive place but they have nice priced comfortable homes/apartments too.

    Morrisville is another really good place to live. Good public transportation, schools, and Houses/apartments. Prices are just fine nothing over the top.

    Good nightlife places
    – Overtime sports pub
    – Backyard Bistro (highly recommend this place. look it up it is amazing!)
    – Sparians bowling alley
    – Charlie goodnights & comedy club
    – Solas dance club

    ^ There is a link for more nightlife places

    Could you please try to answer my question?;_ylt=AuZr6NCCgLzSouijWPlqJCTty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130306104334AAVlFo2

  2. trulyblessl says:

    Cary and Raleigh are both nice areas and have great places to party, shop and mingle. Also try durham, and greensboro.

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